How do I remove hairs from the wheel of rolling bags?

When we usually go out, we always carry a suitcase or a rolling backpack to hold the things we need every day. The advantage of wheeled backpack is that you can both roll your backpack and carry it on your back if you like. The current rolling bags are basically moved by means of universal wheels, which can save a lot manpower.


When your rolling bag has been in use for a while, the wheels of the rolling bag may become less smooth. You might think it's running out of lubricant, and it probably is, but another potential cause is hair stuck.


Whether it's a two-wheeled or a four-wheeled rolling bag, when enough hair gets caught in the wheels of the suitcase, the wheels will not turn. At this time, it is necessary to clean the hair inside so that it can move more smoothly. So how should the hair on the wheels be cleaned? Matein has idea!


  1. Use tweezers or needle nose pliers
How do I remove hairs from the wheel of rolling bags?

Use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to get deep into the crevice of the luggage wheel so that by turning the wheel the tweezers pull the hair out and snap it. This is also very good in terms of hair cleaning effect. After just turning the wheel a little, the hair can simply fall out.


Anything that lets you reach into tight spaces, grab something and pull it out will work here. You just need to grab the hair a section at a time and pull it out. Slowly, the hair on your wheels will be gone.


Mastering such cleaning skills and requirements is to clean up all the hair in the universal wheel, so that it will be easier to push the suitcase. This method is also relatively simple.

  1. Use scissors or a utility knife.
How do I remove hairs from the wheel of rolling bags?

In fact, the slim scissors can go deep into the gap of the wheel to clean the hair inside, and the method of use is indeed very professional. Not just nose hair scissors, but pocket knives, razor blades, or utility knives (Stanley knives) will do. You only need to keep turning the wheel, and use the scissors to cut the hair short when you see it, so that it will be easier to clean up.


This method may not be able to completely clean the hair inside, and it is best to use your tweezers at this time. When you're cutting chunks of hair, use something like tweezers or pliers to grab those chunks and pull them out.


3.Crochet Hook or Hooked Needle


How do I remove hairs from the wheel of rolling bags?

Anything with a hook small enough to reach under a clump of hair and pull it off. There are a few different ways to do this. A small crochet hook allows you to grab the hair loops and pull them loose before removing them or grab them with tweezers and pull further to remove them.


Even something like a fishhook can be used to hook and remove hair from the wheels. They are small and sharp enough to work under hair and remove it from small enclosed spaces. Of course, hooks are very sharp and often barbed, so you need to be careful not to stab yourself with them.


Another option is toothpicks. A toothpick is a long, thin, hard, hooked piece of metal. It should do the trick just fine.


  1. Remove the wheels.
How do I remove hairs from the wheel of rolling bags?

If the wheels of your suitcase or rolling backpack are detachable, you can use some tools (such as screwdrivers, etc.) to remove the wheels, and then the hair will fall off automatically. After cleaning the wheels, install them directly. This will totally clean up the hair.


In terms of its details and requirements, it is necessary to master the structural characteristics of the universal wheel proficiently, and remember how to install it firmly during the disassembly process.


The reason this "easy" solution is last on our list is because of the damage it can cause. Please note that the wheels of the Matein Rolling Backpack are not removable. Please use the above three methods to clean the hair of the wheel.


Once you encounter a lot of hair on the universal wheels when you usually pull the suitcase, you should clean it up in time, so that it will not affect the speed of pulling the suitcase. When the hair is entangled, as long as the above cleaning techniques are used, the effect will definitely be very good. I believe this is also a small life skill that can be accumulated in daily life.


Finally, after removing all (or most) of the hair from the wheels, you can use soap and water and soak the wheels of the suitcase. Please  note that just the wheels and not the entire suitcase , to avoid getting the inside of your suitcase or roller pack soggy during the soaking process. This helps to remove any extra dirt, grime and hair still stuck in the wheel.


Finally, Matein hopes this article can help you solve the problem. If you have a better way, please comment down below to tell everyone!

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