How do women choose bags?

Many ladies who travel frequently may choose best business laptop backpack. But women do not only own one or two bags. It is very important to choose the bag that suits you. More than just clothes, a bag that suits you can sometimes better reflect a your taste. The bag can also form a unique style with your own clothing. So how should women choose the bag that suits them?

1. How to choose a bag according to different figures:

① Tall and thin: you can choose any style of fashionable female bag. However, larger handbags and shoulder bags are best for you. But if you really like small handbags, just make sure that it fits completely on your shoulders.

How do women choose bags?

② Petite and plump: A small bag should suit you best, because a bag that is too big may make you look shorter.

③Plump women: It is best to choose a bag with a curve, because this bag can emphasize your curvaceous beauty. The bag should not be too long, just above the middle waist. Avoid using small bags, which will make you look bigger. It is recommended to use a medium-sized fashionable female bag.

2. Choose a bag according to your age and hobbies

Young girls around the age of 20 usually carry casual bags with brisk colors. The bags can be decorated with small dolls and hair balls according to their preferences. Girls around the age of 30 choose colorful, concise and generous bags, and try to avoid too many decorations in their bags. A 40-year-old girl can choose bags that can be matched with a variety of colors clothes.

3. Choose a bag according to your identity and profession

For student backpacks, most of them choose soft and easy-to-clean student backpack. After joining the work, white-collar workers choose a platinum bag or shell bag that is simple and bright. Women with a certain social status should try to choose brand leather bags as far as possible. On the one hand, the style and quality are guaranteed, and on the other hand, they are a symbol of identity.

How do women choose bags?

4. Choose a bag according to your own living habits

If you have a personality that it's often lost your stuffs, you can't go wrong with choosing large-capacity bags, such as bucket bags, canvas bags, and backpacks. There can be some commonly used small things, card issuing, hand cream, charger, lipstick, etc. If you are a simple and capable girl, you only need to put a few items such as lipstick, wallet, and keys in your bag, you can choose a chain bag or a mini bag type small satchel.

5. Choose a bag according to your own financial ability

Every girl has the dream of having a brand bag, but the high price of tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands, not every women can afford to buy. Therefore, buying bags also depends on economic strength. Choosing a bag that suits you within your abilities can also bring out a radiant effect. Don't be superstitious about big brand bags.

Finally, I suggest that women, do not blindly follow the trend, superstitious and popular styles. Finding your own style is the most important thing.

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