How do you protect your camera in a backpack?

Carrying expensive and bulky digital SLR camera equipment can be a hassle. If not properly packed, it could damage your lens or camera body or even bump into other valuables in your bag. But if you want to get epic shots, it's totally worth it. Whether you're on a day trip or traveling abroad, figuring out how to safely pack your camera gear in a backpack is key. With that in mind, here are 3 simple steps to safely pack your camera gear in your smart backpack, and finally some additional tips.

How do you protect your camera in a backpack

  • Take everything apart.

Separate the lens from the camera. Remove the battery.Release the camera strap. By breaking down all the individual components, you avoid unnecessary wear on any threads and moving parts as the camera moves through the package. An added benefit is that your camera won't accidentally turn on during the flight and drain its battery on arrival. Develop good habits.

  • Wrap each component with a filling.

Protecting the lens or camera body from impact is key during a trip. Some use special padded inserts, while others use cloth covers made specifically for camera equipment.Both of these options are the best ways to keep your equipment in top shape.However, if you don't have anything convenient, use a soft clothing (such as a cotton T-shirt) as the first layer and then a padded one (such as a sweater) as the second layer. When packing each component into a package, if no dividers are inserted, also clip some soft items between each component to increase buffering.

How do you protect your camera in a backpack

  • Organize your extra content into easy-to-use pockets

Your camera and lens are the only things you need to do during the trip.USB, memory card, Charger, seat belt, spare lens, light meter.You want to use these things quickly when you need them. Considering that many of the additional features may be small, be sure to select several zipper pockets within the bag to organize and store these items.Bonus tips are grouped items. For example, keep spare batteries and chargers in one slot.Memory card and/or USB can be plugged into another memory card. Different seat belts can be placed in their own position.

Additional skills

Waterproofing You may need a backpack rain shield in case you encounter inclement weather. However, frequently overflowing bags can also damage your equipment.If your bag contains care items or water bottles, consider using plastic ziplocate bags for further protection. Simply slide the lens or mirror body inside, seal it and close it. Prevent fluid accidents. Waterproof usb backpack will be a smart choice for you.

Anti theft backpack with charger camera backpacks 

Choosing a backpack is often more important than how you pack it when you save your luggage. It's a good idea to consider looking for bags with solid padding and materials, as well as additional features such as lockable zippers.

We hope this guide has helped you and made it easier to pack your camera gear into your backpack next time.Until next time, happy shooting and safe travel.

How do you protect your camera in a backpack?

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