How to adjust the hiking backpack strap?

large travel backpacks such as hiking backpacks are essential equipment for backpackers to go hiking and camping. Your new backpack has several straps to adjust your load for greater comfort. So how to adjust the length of the hiking backpack straps? There are five parts to note:

Hipbelt: Put on the backpack, adjust the position of the hipbelt, make it straddle your hip bone correctly, and completely wrap the hip bone, tighten the hipbelt.

How to adjust the hiking backpack strap?

Shoulder straps: a well-designed backpack has thick shoulder straps and an exhaust effect. When the general weight does not exceed 1/3 of the body weight, there will be no discomfort. After adjusting, there will be no gap between the bag and your shoulder blades. A good backpack can adjust the weight distribution on the shoulders by yourselves, and you can adjust it at any time according to your physical strength and the environment.

Sternum strap: used to adjust the distance between the two shoulder straps. After the shoulder strap is adjusted correctly, buckle the sternum strap to make it fit your body. The position of the sternum strap is about 5 cm below the collarbone. Note that the sternum strap must not be too tight so that you can breathe comfortably. The sternum strap is very effective in reducing the load on the shoulders.

How to adjust the hiking backpack strap?

Back strap: The main function is to adjust the capacity of the backpack, external gear and keep the center of gravity from moving. The adjustment method is also very convenient. If the strap is tight, just loose a little.

Load Lifters strap: The connecting belt between the upper part of the back strap and the big backpack is load lifters strap. Load-lifter straps connect the top of the shoulder harness to an anchor point near the top of the back panel. Usually maintain a 45-degree angle. Tightening can move the center of gravity to the shoulders, and loosening can move the center of gravity to the hips.

Through the adjustment between the shoulder and hip, fatigue can be reduced. On flat roads, you can adjust the load lifters strap a little bit higher, and lower the center of gravity a bit when going downhill.

Generally speaking, under ideal circumstances, the first time you use your backpack, especially for men, the hip bone may be a little bit painful. You can make some adjustments every time you stop and take a rest. Slowly you will find the most suitable use situation and adjustment method for you.

At the same time, on various terrains, such as uphill, downhill, and flat roads, you can adjust the tightness of the waist strap and the weight belt to adjust the weight distribution, so that all parts of your body can take turns to rest.

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