How to Avoid Plastic Waste While Traveling?

The destructive impact of plastics on the environment is no longer a secret. We have all seen pictures of garbage floating in the ocean and destroying animal habitats.

Although many of us are committed to reducing the use of plastics in our daily lives, maintaining good habits during travel may be more difficult.

1. Travel with refillable water bottles

For reusable bottles, you don’t need to buy a bunch of disposable plastic water bottles. Because plastic water bottles need to be thrown away after they are used once. If there is no more water, you can refill it with a bottle. In most parts of the United States and Europe, tap water is absolutely safe to drink.

How to Avoid Plastic Waste While Traveling?

You can upgrade the reusable bottle to a bottle with an integrated filtration system or carry a purification tablet, which is very convenient when traveling to countries with lower drinking water standards, or traveling to remote areas or remote expeditions.

In the long run, a good purification system is a huge investment that is beneficial to the earth and an important investment for your future travel. Fortunately, in many of hiking trips, they will provide boiling water, so you can add water during the trip and avoid buying plastic bottled water when hiking, which will increase the cost.

2. Avoid using plastic bags, packaging light and reusable bags

When traveling, do you tend to throw wet or dirty clothes into plastic bags? Why not choose durable and waterproof dry bags?

At the same time, prepare a canvas bag or tote bag to carry with you in case you need it. You can bring a canvas bag to go shopping. You can also use it to pack your valuables when passing through the airport, and fill out a book or notebook to jot down your thoughts while traveling. The bags are small and foldable, so you can fit them into any type of bag or travel laptop backpack.

How to Avoid Plastic Waste While Traveling?

3. Toiletries that are not used once
Avoid buying small liquid soaps, shampoos and conditioners when traveling. Instead, reuse existing products at home and refill existing small bottles, and then simply mark the contents. There are also men who switch to safety razors with replaceable blades instead of disposable razors.

4. Bring your own coffee cup
Using reusable coffee cups can prevent disposable cups from entering the landfill.

5. Participate in local cleanup activities or pick up plastic fragments yourself
Participating in local cleaning activities during travel is becoming more and more popular. There are many different communities around the world organizing such events.

Finally, reject plastic products as much as possible and reuse your plastic as much as possible. Plastic water bottles can be reused as containers for various liquids. Look for more and many sustainable, cheap and convenient substitute to replace plastic products.

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