How to Camp in a Van?

Whether it's a modified van, a refurbished ordinary van, or a simple family van, camping is a spontaneous way, allowing you to set off at any time. You lose some of the comfort of a fully equipped motorhome, but you gain the advantage of solid, waterproof walls instead of canvas.

How to Camp in a Van?

Create a campervan
Refitting a camping truck can be as simple as adding a cooler and an air cushion, or it can be as complicated as creating sleep, cooking and living modules. Foldable benches are good for children as passenger space on the road and beds at night, but adults should consider lengthening the benches to stretch their bodies. Depending on the size of the van, a small folding table can be used both indoors and outdoors. A simple kitchen with a camping stove, a refrigerator or cooler for an RV, and a refillable kettle with a tap can satisfy most cooking needs. Consider adding solar panels for long-term camping, or putting a van on top of the van. If you are buying a new van, make sure it has an electrical outlet that exceeds 12 volts so you can charge your phone while in a slow cooker.

Organization is the key to successful camping. When parking, use a tightly closed stackable plastic tote bag outside the car. Clothes are placed in one container, paper products are placed in another container, and cooking supplies are placed in a third container. Plastic storage drawers can store utensils, personal hygiene products or games. Pack dry foods such as grains and rice in airtight containers to prevent rats, ants, and bears from snatching your food.
When packing a van for camping, less is always more. Before starting a long journey, pack your truck and head to a nearby campsite for testing. If you find that you have packed things you don't use, put them at home before going out again.


  • Load distribution: Don't load all your equipment on one side or back. Keeping it even means less wear and tear on the vehicle.
    Giving up a comfortable bathroom seems to be an insurmountable problem. Unless you're at a campsite, don't expect to take a shower every day; instead, warm water over the campfire between showers and wash quickly. Toileting may be one of the biggest obstacles faced by caravan campers. You can choose a bucket lined with a garbage bag or a foldable toilet. An expensive composting toilet is the closest facility to your house.
    *Additional space: Many manufacturers are selling temporary tents that can appear in an instant to provide people with more space to rest or sleep.

How to Camp in a Van?

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Campers can leave the truck with their luggage, ready to go, have the luxury of taking some clothes and a cooler filled with food and drinks, and move them mentally when setting off. Highway rest stops, thousands of acres of public land and large supermarket parking lots make invisible or no parking for independent vehicles inexpensive. Remember, some campings can only be entered on public land on foot, and pay attention to signs prohibiting overnight parking. Long-term truck campers do not use the developed campsites. They can live on food, water and gasoline, and use public toilets, truck stops, showers, and Wi-Fi hotspots.

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For many people, the biggest disadvantage of caravan camping is the lack of space. An average of less than 80 square feet of food, sleep and play space is too little for some people. Extraordinary organizational skills help maintain the livability of the space, and by stretching a tarp and folding chairs on a temporary terrace to create a relaxing outdoor space, it can double the area. When worrying about privacy, use a windshield sun visor, and put up the curtains with Velcro to prevent nosy neighbors from peeping inside. Safety is another potential disadvantage of van camping, but using common sense still has a long way to go. Lock your door, do not camp in unsafe places, and do not leave the key on the ignition.


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