How to Camp in the Rain?

Although you may think that a rainy day will ruin your mood, it is not necessary to ruin your camping trip. In order to stay comfortable in the rain, waterproof clothing and waterproof equipment are necessary. Bring absorbent materials to absorb moisture. At the end of your tent, you may notice that your rainy camping trip is more memorable than you think!

How to Camp in the Rain

Pack important equipment in plastic bags. Plastic bags are waterproof, so they are one of the most useful things you can bring. Use large garbage bags to store clothes, sleeping bags, and campfire fuel. Smaller sandwich bags can be used to seal important documents, money, and electronics.
The function of the dry bag is the same, but more expensive. As long as there are camping supplies for sale, you can buy them.

In order to protect your smart travel bag from the rain, take out all the contents and wrap it in a plastic trash bag. Put your things in your own sealable plastic bags, such as your electronics, food, and clothes. Then, put the plastic bag inside the garbage bag in the backpack so that the backpack will stay dry. Waterproof toiletry bag is a friendly item on your trip.

Take all your equipment out to shelter from the rain. Anything exposed to the rain takes a long time to dry or clean. Obviously you don't want wet clothes, but even things like your kitchen utensils can become very dirty. No matter how waterproof you think they are, take them to shelter from the rain.

Use newspaper and a quick-drying towel to soak up the moisture. Bring some newspapers and towels when you need to absorb rainwater. Towels can be used to wipe tables and other surfaces, while newspapers are absorbent and can also be used to light fires.
One way to use newspapers is to put them on damp shoes and other clothing to help absorb moisture.

how to camp in rain

Bring some food that does not require cooking. Nuts, energy bars and beef jerky are all good snacks to help you through the rainy season. Sandwich making supplies such as bread and peanut butter are also available. Although it is possible to cook in the rain, these foods can save you a lot of energy and will not make you soaked.

Plan some fun activities that you can do in the camp. Bring some books, a deck of cards, board games, drawing materials, or other things to keep you busy. When you are trapped waiting for the rain to pass, be sure to be happy. You can sing or take turns telling stories.
Keep the children busy playing games, doing coloring activities, or telling stories, especially when the storm will scare them.

Before putting your gear away, ventilate it. Remove the tent first, and then the rain curtain and tarp if possible. You will most likely need to put away your gear before it is completely dry. Set up a tent as soon as you get to the next place. Put your clothes, sleeping bags and other damp equipment in the sun to dry
Wet gear can cause mildew or mildew, so it is important to dry it as soon as possible.

 How to Camp in the Rain



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