How to carry legal drugs on an airline?

When preparing for an international flight, safely storing prescription drugs and providing proof of necessary prescription drugs can make travel problematic and health-conscious. Take precautions before traveling to ensure that you meet the requirements of international customs and that you have enough medicine to maintain your stay abroad. Plan ahead so that you don’t need to focus on your illnesses and medications.

How to carry legal drugs on an airline?

Step 1
Obtain a letter from the prescribing doctor stating your medical condition, the prescription drugs you are carrying on international flights, and the doctor’s contact information. Please put this letter in your carry-on baggage so that it can be presented at the security check point and customs.

Step 2
Put your prescription medicine in the original, labeled container in a compartment of your carry on backpack, or in a plastic, zippered bag. Make sure that the name on the container matches the name on your passport and ID card to avoid interpretation discrepancies.

Step 3
Keep the prescription in your carry-on baggage in case your checked baggage is delayed or lost. Prepare a backup prescription in your carry-on luggage in case of emergency or extended international stay.

Step 4
Wear a medical alert bracelet with your medical condition, medications, treatment, and doctor's contact information. If you lose consciousness or cannot explain your situation in an emergency, this can be used as a reference for international flight attendants and doctors.

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