How to choose a best makeup case?

Choosing the best cosmetic case is very important to organize cosmetics. Well organized tote bags will make you feel free and free from unnecessary stress. However, choosing the right bag depends on whether you use it every day or traveling. This is because size and durability can have a major impact on your performance. When you find your ideal cosmetic bag, you will find it easier to find items, so you can put on makeup without wasting time. They will introduce the 3 steps of how to choose the best makeup case:

How to choose a best makeup case?

First, determine the bag you need for daily use or travel. If you plan to store the bag in a purse so that you can carry it with you, it is usually best to choose a small bag with a single compartment. However, if you need a cosmetic bag that you carry with you and keep up with the entire makeup procedure, you need a slightly larger cosmetic bag with multiple compartments. If you are a professional makeup artist, you can find a larger cosmetic bag that can hold the entire kit. Work with you.

A good cosmetic bag can put your cosmetics neatly in one place. When you need to carry cosmetics with you, it can also protect other items from being accidentally soiled. How much storage space you need depends on your personal style and choice of makeup products. If you like the "almost non-existent" look, a simple cosmetic bag is enough; but if your cosmetics take up more space than your food and clothes, you may want to consider buying a cosmetic box.

If you just use some basic items, such as powder, lipstick and a little mascara, you can use a small bag that fits your dressing table or purse. Most of these bags are the size of a pencil bag with a zipper. When makeup artists can only carry a few essential items, they also want a small bag. If you prefer shiny makeup, you may need to leave enough space for foundation, powder, blush, mascara, etc. There are enough medium-sized ones to put some beauty essentials, or put more things when you need them.

Choose a suitable size. To be on the safe side, you may want a bag that is slightly larger than you actually need, so that you have room to store the impulse purchases you encounter. Make sure that any bag you buy has a waterproof lining. It's great to keep everything in one place, but leaks happen from time to time. When you open your wallet or suitcase, the last thing you need is to find that your other items are covered with foundation or liquid foundation. The waterproof lining is also easy to wipe clean.

It is usually best to choose a bag or box with compartments so that you can stay organized. This may mean buying a small bag with only one or two inner pockets, or it may mean choosing a full-size bag with multiple small bags so that you can really organize your collection. This is a transparent cosmetic box that allows you to see the location of each item at a glance. No more rumbling in the black bag to find your favorite lipstick or eyeliner.

How to choose a best makeup case?

Buying a cosmetic bag is more than just going to the mall to buy the first thing you find. There is no need to be so anxious. Take a good look at your current makeup mix. Empty your wallet, ransack your bathroom, spread everything out where you can see it. When you decide how much storage space you really need, you will know better which bag is best for your collection.

Next, decide how strong your bag needs to be. The usual cosmetic bag usually does not need to be so durable, so the effect of the soft face style is very good. As for the travel bag, it is best to choose a bag with a hard outer layer so that the container inside will not break when being pushed on an airplane, car or train. A bag with a hard outer skin is usually called a train box. You will find a professional makeup artist with larger bags and similar hard-looking luggage or rolled-up style suitcases. Consider using a waterproof bag. Fragile bottles are usually dangerous. To prevent liquid damage or leakage, please choose a waterproof bag made of nylon, vinyl, polyester or other waterproof fabrics.

Find a bag with a partition. Bags with multiple compartments or pockets are especially important, so you can put your cosmetics in your travel bag. This way you can distinguish your facial products from other cosmetics, which makes it easier for you to put on makeup in a hurry, because you usually don't carry too much makeup in your daily makeup bag, and separators are not always necessary. However, you may need to use a few compartments to separate things like paper towels or cotton swabs from your cosmetics. Choose a bag that is easy to clean with the lining. Powder, cream or liquid products, some messy cosmetics are inevitable. Make sure that the bag you choose is lined so that you can easily wipe it off with soap and water.



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