How to Choose a Rolling Backpack?

When researching which backpack with wheels to buy, you should consider the following categories:

How to Choose a Rolling Backpack?

1. Materials
First of all, you want the material of the backpack to be strong and durable. The wheeled backpack can be used as a carry on backpack and wheels can be used as a suitcase.

In both cases, you need the material to have water resistance and a certain degree of frictional resistance. And it must be breathable.

The zipper track and handle should be sturdy and have a retractable suitcase-style handle. Obviously, a strong wheel frame and good support are needed to prevent the bag from tipping over when it is standing upright.

2. Durability
Your travel is continuous, so the backpack you choose must also be a sustainable product, not a one-time product.

This is when durability emerges, and it has a ripple effect on the materials used and the structure of the bag. Avoid filling the bag and let it ventilate as much as possible to keep the backpack healthy. Try putting dirty shoes in a separate bag inside the suitcase, or stick them outside the suitcase.

How to Choose a Rolling Backpack?

3. Dimensions
The size of the backpack depends on your own needs. Everyone wants to know what the perfect size is. No backpack size is better than another. The important thing is that your backpack should be in proportion to your body.

The IATA dimensions for carry-on luggage are 22 inches x 18 inches x 10 inches. When comparing the backpack size to this standard size, keep in mind that if you pack your backpack full, you may exceed the size specified below, and most airlines actually have stricter restrictions.

Under normal circumstances, the size of the roller bag will be a little larger than the size of an ordinary backpack. If you are considering carrying a roller bag with you, please pay attention to the specific size.

4. Comfort
Unless you are lost or you choose to hike with a larger backpack, it is unlikely that you will spend more than an hour or two with your backpack. However, some brands of backpacks will pay more attention to the comfort of the backpack, especially the back area. Better brands will provide adjustable backrest structures to adapt to different heights.

As mentioned above, breathability and padding are always the basic characteristics of a good backpack. You can consider the positive signs of adjustable hip and chest straps, too. The last factor to consider is the comfort of the hip wheels when carried as a backpack.

5. Easy to pack
In the past, backpacks were usually opened from the top, and you had to reach into the backpack to find anything. Fortunately, most backpacks can now be unzipped like books, which makes packing and unpacking easier.

6. Detachable function
When buying a rolling back pack, you can check whether the roller backpack has a pull rod removal function. The detachable function can remove the rollers so that when used as a backpack, there are no rollers on the back.

How to Choose a Rolling Backpack?
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