How to choose men's waist bag?

Many men have best business laptop backpack for business. But in proper time, you can choose to buy a waist bag. It's more casual and practical. The waist bag, as the name implies, is a bag carried around the waist. But if you think that the waist bag can only be carried on the waist, then you are quite wrong. If you want to be cool, carrying it on your chest as a chest bag is also a good choice.

In addition, you can carry it on the inside, on the outside, or even hang it directly on your belt. However, how to choose a waist bag? Color, material, and shape are all things that need attention.

How to choose men's waist bag?


When choosing a men's waist bag, first choose your favorite color and bag style. This is very important. Bags can be matched with clothes, belts, shoes, and even headwear. So the first step is to choose the color and style you like. It is not necessarily limited to the clothes you are currently wearing. It can also be matched with the clothes you want to buy, or with the clothes or other things you already have at home. Of course, it is better to buy clothes first, and then bags, so that you can see the overall effect more easily.


There are many kinds of materials for men's hot topic bags, including natural leather, synthetic leather, PU, ​​plastic, cloth, animal fur, woven straw, etc. The most produced and most versatile leather material is of course cowhide. When shopping for men's waist bags, whether it is a leather bag, a straw bag or a fabric bag, in addition to choosing your favorite color, style, and function, you also need to pay attention to the way the bag is carried.

How to choose men's waist bag?

Detail type

Then choose the specific type of men's waist bag, such as the length of the bag strap, whether the pattern is suitable for you, whether the hardware of the bag is suitable for you, and so on. The next step is to choose the size of the bag. The size of the bag is very important. Without paying attention to the size of the bag, it is easy to buy a waist bag that is too big or too small.


The workmanship of waist bag

Finally, look at the workmanship of men's pockets. This is divided into multiple aspects. Pull and pull to see if it is easy to run the line, whether it is balanced; whether the stitching is loose or skewed,; whether the leather is wrinkled; whether the handle, buckle and other hardware are strong and whether there are scratches and many more. And check whether the functions of the pockets are complete, such as mobile phone pockets, anti theft pockets, ID pockets, etc. At the same time, the inner lining of many brands of pockets is relatively strong, durable and there is no peculiar smell. In addition, for the zipper of the waist bag, men's waist bag should pay more attention to check whether the zipper is strong.

So how can a man carry his waist bag instead big backpack to show his personality and charm?

 1. Hanging in the middle of the waist
The waist bag hanging in the middle of the waist is a very classic way of carrying. The bag should be of the right size, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to hang in the middle.
2. On the side of the waist
It is also a good choice. This approach is low-key and stylish.

How to choose men's waist bag?

3. Straddle directly on your shoulders
This method is very convenient to put down the waist bag.
4, diagonally across the chest
Played the role of accessories. However, it should be noted that this way of dressing is to avoid wearing necklaces. Others can focus on this waist bag.
5. Tie outside the coat
This method is like adding a belt to the coat, and it can also improve the waistline.
6. Put the waist bag behind you
In this case, it is best to choose a waist belt with very distinctive characteristics for the waist bag, which will look better.

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