How to choose the luggage for business trip?

For some professionals, business trips are a regular part of their daily routine, involving frequent trips from place to place. The time that go on business trip is heavy and complicated hard, accordingly, choose a good bag to often go on business trip personage, will reduce the travail of travel greatly. So, how to choose the luggage?

How to choose the luggage for business trip?

Generally speaking, according to the length of the business trip, the choice of bags is more exquisite.

2-3 Days Travel Time

Generally, a short business trip does not require a lot of items, so it is recommended to choose a best travel backpack with better flexibility at this time. A medium-sized travel backpack can hold two or three sets of clothes, toiletry supplies and a laptop. Paired with a briefcase for client meetings, this backpack combination is ideal for short trips.

How to choose the luggage for business trip

1 Week Travel Time

If the business trip lasts for about a week, it is recommended to choose a rod box or large travel backpack with wheels. If the size of the rod box is 20 or 22 inches, it is ok. A 20-inch tie box can hold 4-6 sets of summer clothes, and 3-5 sets of winter clothes. Such a capacity can fully meet the needs of business trips. Moreover, as long as the tie box below 22 inches does not exceed the weight when flying, it is not necessary to do the consignment, which is more convenient.

Over 1 Week Travel Time

For a long-term business trip, you need to carry a lot of clothes. It is recommended to choose a 24 inch or larger tie suitcase, which can be loaded with a lot of luggage, which is more in line with the needs of a long-term business trip. However, a 24 inch tie suitcase should be checked when you take the plane, so you should pay attention to the time to the airport in advance, so as not to miss the flight.

Rolling briefcase

 matein business travel rolling briefcase

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