How to Choose the Right Hanging Toiletry Bag?

If you have lost a lot of things or didn't organize them while traveling, a hanging cosmetic bag is just what you need.

Think about it: you go on vacation with your loved one, get lost in that moment, and don't hesitate to say that the last thing you want is trouble finding your shaving supplies or favorite shampoo.

How to Choose the Right Hanging Toiletry Bag

If you don't have a good washing bag to store shaving supplies and daily toiletries or cosmetics, then you are asking for trouble.

A spacious toiletry bag, but compact enough to be easily hung on the wall, can not only help you keep your bathroom essentials in one place, but also prevent your things from spilling out when they are mixed with other luggage.

This is not to say that you will deliberately let your bottle or tube loose the cap, but when you travel, things will happen, and they will happen!

So, here is how to identify the perfect hanging bag.

To find a wash bag that suits you, you need to consider the following characteristics.

A travel toiletry bag can not only be used day and night, but it is usually combined with your travel lifestyle and preferences.

Here is what you need to look for:

Hanging Ability

Hanging toiletry bag is the best choice.Why?

Because they are made in a way that allows you to easily see what's inside and get items from different compartments, while hanging on the wall to save space.

This is very important because it saves you a lot of time and trouble by eliminating the process of packing/unpacking.

As long as there is a place to hang in your bathroom, you can.

It does not require a counter, no cabinets or shelves-simply hang up without worrying about your belongings being misplaced.

However, the best quality hanging toilet bags are waterproof and equipped with metal rotating hooks, so you can easily hang them on the door, towel rack or hanger.

How to Choose the Right Hanging Toiletry Bag

Easy to clean

Of course, you will do your best to ensure that everything is carefully packaged.

Unfortunately, in your travels, sometimes you cannot avoid the possibility of things overflowing.

Bags with lining and waterproof backing are not only easy to clean, but also dry out quickly.

Suitable flying companion

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires passengers traveling to the United States to pack liquids in resealable plastic containers or bags.

A good hanging bag can easily hold a quart-sized plastic bag.

In this way, you can easily (and safely) hide your plastic bag in a travel toiletry bag and take it out during the security check.

Plenty of pockets

The hanging toiletry bag can hold many things-from shampoo, lotion, shaving equipment to scissors and tweezers.

They should be able to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste like medicine bottles or shampoo.

So, make sure you have enough internal space to keep all your things in order and easy to take.

Fabric quality

Take this as a skeptic. Although leather looks great and has high durability, if it accumulates moisture, it will be destroyed.

Plastic and waterproof canvas work well, and although nylon is easily one of the best laundry bag fabrics, you can invest in it because of its durability and waterproof properties.

What you need is something that can serve you during your decades of travel-a sturdy nylon material can do just that.


If you plan to pack a lot of beauty or makeup products, then you need a relatively large wash bag.

However, in most cases, a 25 × 22 × 9 cm (height, width, and depth) wash bag will do, as long as you don't plan to put half of your luggage in it.

Matein Makeup Hanging Organizer for Women

In short, that's it.

With the above points in mind, pack what you need, and let’s go.

This is an exciting and unforgettable vacation time!

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