How to clean leather bags?

The leather bag has been used for a long time. In addition to wear and tear, there will always be stains on the leather bag. It is very difficult to clean, or even not cleaned at all. It can only be lost, but it is really very wasteful! Today we teach you a few cleaning tricks to easily remove stains!

How to clean leather bags

The white bag turns yellow, don’t know how to clean it? You can use face creams and hand creams to go to Huangfa's home. Expired hand creams and face creams should not be discarded. They often have unexpected effects when used to clean leather. The method is similar to toothpaste, but you must wipe it several times to see the effect. Or if you have milk and petroleum jelly at home, you can paint the yellow part that has just been treated as a daily maintenance method to prevent the appearance of yellow.

How to clean leather bags

There are oil stains on the bag, and it is always inevitable that the leather bag will get oil stains, but the oil stains are really difficult to clean. At this time, we can directly use detergent, but we must gently scrub to avoid damage to the leather. If it is a white leather bag, you can use a 1:10 ratio of bleach and water, and then wash it.

If there are traces of strokes on the leather bag, it is really ugly. I will teach you a simple way to remove them. Just squeeze a little shower gel in warm water, wet the rag to wipe the traces of the strokes on the leather bag, and then wipe off the water on the leather bag with a dry tissue, and you can immediately replace the old bag with a new one! If you get it with a ballpoint pen, rub it gently with some toothpaste and a small amount of soap, and then wipe it with alcohol.

How to clean leather bags

There is also a very common problem, that is, the bottom of the handbag is prone to abrasion marks. If it is not handled in time, it will wear out more and more. No matter how expensive the bag is, it will look no texture. In fact, just put the edge filling glue Apply evenly on the edge of the strap, and don’t apply too thick. Apply one layer after it dries, so that a total of about five layers will be applied. After it dries, it will be the same as the new one, and it will not be used in the future. 

How to clean up stains, wear a light-colored leather bag in denim clothes, over time friction will stain the clean leather bag with light blue stains! A pack of portable makeup remover (or dip a cotton pad with makeup remover) can save your purse. Wipe back and forth a few times to remove denim stains on the purse. Choose makeup remover because it has no irritating chemical ingredients, so that it will not damage your purse again.

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