How to distinguish the quality of a bag?

Smart backpacks are now a necessity in life, and it is also a consumable for fashionistas. However, how to distinguish the quality of backpacks often troubles everyone. I have summarized a few methods here, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Gluing part.

The glue head generally refers to the glued part of the leather incision of the leather strap or bag, which is generally thicker. In the manufacturing process, this part must be glued to achieve adhesion. If it is a more delicate bag, the smell is small and it looks more transparent. If it is inferior, then the glued part is a mass.

2. Accessories such as zippers.

Accessories are an important criterion for judgment. Generally, the gloss of the accessories of a good bag is bright and gives a particularly round feeling. And there are no burrs around the accessories. Of course, the accessories will not discolor so easily. If it is a defective accessory, you will find that the periphery is uneven and easy to discolor. In particular, the feel of a good zipper is smooth and lubricated.

How to distinguish the quality of a bag?

3. Look at the overall shape of the new backpack.

Shape refers to the unique appearance characteristics and curved shapes of each style. The higher the quality, the better the shape of the bag, such as: arc, sharp corner, flip, symmetrical part, three-dimensional shape, road saving, etc. A good backpack looks very coordinated, and the overall flow is linear.

How to distinguish the quality of a bag?

4. Feel the feel of the material of the bag by hand.

Generally, the better the hand feel, the better the material, but it does not mean that the softer the better. Some styles are made of hard materials. But a good backpack is generally softer the longer it is used, and it also has a nice shiny luster.

How to distinguish the quality of a bag?
6. Smell the big backpacks.

If you feel a pungent smell, it is not a good bag. The more pungent, the worse it is. Because very poor quality leather will have a pungent and unpleasant smell of PU leather.

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