How to Find Backpacking Campsite?

Going on a backpacking trip with a large travel backpack is something many people want to do! Whether you are setting up a camp in a designated camping area or stealth camp in a natural, choosing a comfortable tent is a useful skill for all backpackers. Below I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of designated camping areas and dispersed campsites. You can choose a suitable campsite according to your needs.

How to Find Backpacking Campsite?

-Designated camping area

If you search for campsites on Google, your search results are likely to be private or publicly owned campsites. These campsites usually have facilities such as restrooms, picnic tables, showers, fire pits, drinking water or trash cans. The designated camping area is more suitable for novice campers.

Advantages of the camping area:
1. Complete facilities: restroom, picnic table, stove, drinking water, trash can, etc.
2. Easy to enter: Usually these campsites are paved roads and easy to enter and exit.
3. Easy to cook and clean: Sometimes there are sinks, picnic tables and stoves to make it easy to build a camp kitchen.
4. The natural environment is superior: the camping area is carefully selected, and the surrounding environment is relatively safe, and there will be no threats from wild animals. The environment will be relatively better, on flat grass, beach, lakeside or sand.

1. Need to pay: Almost all designated camping areas need to be paid, but the price may vary greatly.
2. There are many campers: depending on the campsite, sometimes other campers are close. When you are at a campsite, it is common to see and hear other campers.

How to Find Backpacking Campsite?

-Dispersed camping

Decentralized camping refers to your camping on public land far away from developed facilities. However, you will not find bathrooms, trash cans, picnic tables or stoves. In most parts of the United States, public land can be camped by anyone. It is important to do research and have a suitable map when choosing a decentralized campsite so that you can be sure that you are on public land and not someone’s private land.

In addition, sometimes even on public land, camping may be prohibited in some areas to protect wild animal and plant species or natural resources. When entering public land, look at the signs and do some research in advance.

Relatively speaking, dispersed campsites are more suitable for professional campers. dispersed campsites have higher privacy. If you want to be isolated from the world and find a different beauty, then go find different campsites! And decentralized camping requires no expense.

How to Find Backpacking Campsite?

But dispersed campgrounds also have obvious disadvantages: no facilities, no fire pits, picnic tables and toilets. You usually need to carry more equipment in your carry on backpack, such as small tables and chairs. And many camping areas are difficult to enter, because you may step into some underdeveloped areas. Its road may be muddy and full of dangers. You need to prepare in advance for safe driving on muddy roads.

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