How to fix trekking poles to the backpack?

Trekking poles are useful for many thingswhile travel with best travel backpack, such as crossing rivers, detecting mud depth, and removing wet bushes. Some people trust them very much because they can help support and balance a heavy backpack. If you fall while wearing snowshoes, they will be your right-hand man. But when you don’t use these trekking poles, the trekking poles become a burden.

If your trekking poles are foldable and can be stretched to a controllable length, you can put them in your backpack. But if you bring old ski poles or any trekking poles that cannot be folded into a bundle, you will have to hold them for the rest of the hike.

Most backpacks have special fixing points to fix trekking poles. See how to tie your trekking poles to your backpack in the traditional way.

(1) It is very possible that somewhere in your backpack, you have a trekking pole attachment point like this. As you can see here, it is just a closed loop that you can relax or tighten. Loosen the rope and put your trekking poles in and point towards the top of the backpack.
How to fix trekking poles to the backpack?
(2) Some large travel backpacks have trekking pole attachments, which can be opened and closed all the time, and hook them with a small hook. If you have such an accessory, just unfasten the fastener, open it, put the trekking pole in the proper position (point to the top of the backpack), and then wrap the fastener around your pole.

3) If your backpack does not have fixed trekking poles and bottom loops, but it has side pockets and side compression straps, you will be lucky. Just put the handle of the pole into the side pocket and fasten the compression strap on the pole.
How to fix trekking poles to the backpack?
(4) If your backpack does not have side pockets but has horizontal compression straps, you still have options to protect your trekking poles. These compression straps can be placed anywhere in the backpack, they do not need to stand aside. Sometimes the bag has slots, and you can add your own compression tape at different points, so look for these slots too. Loosen the strap, pass the pole through, and tighten the strap around the pole. The grip of trekking poles prevents them from falling. This only works if you have a grip on your pole.

How to fix trekking poles to the backpack?

(5) If your bag does not have compression straps, look for two or more backpack buckles. These are compression tapes you can add your own. In this case, you can purchase a compression strap to add it to your backpack, or pass a webbing, cord or other tie through the slot to use as a compression strap for the support pole.

(6) If your backpack does not have special trekking pole fixing points, side pockets or compression straps, then there is still a simple solution. Just place the trekking pole horizontally on the top of the package, then tighten it and fasten it.

This is roughly the same as the other options for larger packages. Put the pole horizontally on the top of the big box, cover the top of the bag, and then fasten it. This is not a perfect solution, because now you have a crossbar (pointy at one end) on your back. However, it is still ideal if you are hiking in open areas.

How to fix trekking poles to the backpack?

(7) If your backpack does not have a top, you can tighten it, or at least tie a strap on the top. Your only option is to insert the pole into the inside of the backpack, handle the tip, and stick the pole out of the top of the backpack. Move both poles to one side and zip up the carry on backpack from the other end.

These several ways of handling the Trekking poles will allow you to hike without worries, release your hands and take pictures of the beautiful scenery during the journey.

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