How to get through airport security fast?

When you are going on vacation with a large travel backpack, one of the troubles is to queue up at the airport to go through complicated security checks. But a little bit of preparation in advance can help a lot. As experienced travelers, we know that doing this via the Traffic Safety Administration (TSA) route is nothing more than an ingenious science, which is brought about by trial and error, and occasional good luck.

Please consider the following tips and pass the airport safely on your next flight faster and easier.

How to get through airport security fast?

1. Make your electronic products and personal belongings TSA friendly

If you need to travel with a laptop frequently, you must use a TSA-friendly laptop bag so that you can put the laptop in the bag. At Checkpoint, unfolds the laptop travel backpack freely 90-180 degree and the laptop stays flat without taking it from the bag, making it getting through airport security checkpoint more easily. You can also prepare a transparent backpack. You can pass through security checks easily without unnecessary stalling.

Sometimes you may be asked to turn on all electronic devices. If you don't want to waste more time, please make sure that your laptop is not turned off, but only in sleep mode.

One of the best things about travel is to capture the moment. However, the more electronic devices you use, the longer it will take to pass the security protection. Next, choose an electronic storage bag. this cable organizer bag will help you to organize all of your electronics accessories and various cables together. No more messy! It will give you a lot of help when you are going on a trip.

How to get through airport security fast?

Finally, if possible, please pack any items you don’t need in your checked luggage during the flight, not in the carry on backpack under your seat.

2. Prepare your documents in advance
You may not have any problems in your daily life, but the hustle and bustle of the airport often leads to the loss of some important documents, the wallet may be inadvertently placed in the jacket pocket, etc. So, after entering the security line, please prepare your boarding pass and ID card. An RFID wallet will help keep important documents separate from other things.

3. Take out the things that need to be checked in advance
Before undergoing a full-body security check, please take out any metal items (such as mobile phones, keys, watches, cigarettes, coins, etc.) that you have carried with you, and put them in a travel bag to wait for the security check.

4. Expedited service may be worth it
Some airlines provide fast safety lines for first-class or upgraded passengers, which is worth it during peak commuting periods. But the price may be more expensive. It also eliminates additional steps in customs and security, ensuring you meet transit requirements.

5. Comply with the 3-1-1 criterion: The 3-1-1 criterion applies to liquid items carried on the person, that is, the liquid cosmetics allowed to be carried by each passenger shall not exceed 3.4 ounces (approximately 95ml), and the total amount shall not exceed 1 quart (1.14 liters), wrapped in a sealed bag. To speed up the speed, be sure to put the sealed plastic bag in a convenient place inside your luggage, so that you can quickly take it out and put it in the security box to pass the inspection.

6. Simple to dress
In most airports, you still need to take off your shoes to pass through the metal detector, so please put down your sandals and put on shoes with socks. Not only is it more hygienic, it is also safer for you. In order not to waste time tying shoelaces, a simple pair of women's ballet flats or men's loafers can solve the problem well.

If you want to take a gift with you, please do not wrap it. TSA may insist that they be opened, which will cause you to delay your flight at the airport and reorganize your luggage after arrival anyway.

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How to get through airport security fast?
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