How to Keep Daylight Out of Tent?

When people go out camping with large travel backpack, they spend most of their time relaxing. What they want is quiet sleep. However, if your tent is not dark enough, once the sun rises, you may end up fully awake. Whether you want to sleep or want to ensure a full night’s sleep, it’s important to know how to cover your tent.

There are multiple methods you can use, depending on your situation, location, and needs.

How to Keep Daylight Out of Tent?
1. Blackout Liner
All you need to do is clip a dark fabric on the wall of the tent. You can spread it like a mosquito net, or you can sew it inside the tent.

But please be careful not to block the ventilation holes to avoid air circulation. In addition, it may not retain too much heat. Therefore, it is wise to choose the material of the fabric to darken the tent.

2. Cover the outside of the tent with shading material
This is similar to the previous strategy, but now you need a larger tarp to hang outside the tent. It's up to you to decide how much tarp. But also make sure that the tent is not too heavy, otherwise the tent will not be able to bear it. Your travel need light packing and don't put too heavy in your carry on backpack.

But covering from the outside may cut off the ventilation, which means that no cool air will flow through the tent at night. You can also leave a little space between the tarp and the tent, which will help ventilation and sun protection.

3. Choose tent's location
First, you will want to make sure to camp in a densely forested area or at least in a place without a lot of light pollution. You can also look for trees with large branches, which are full of leaves or hills that will block the sun.

Similarly, less light pollution means that the night sky will be darker, which is preferred by most campers. In a sense, taking advantage of location should be your first step to resist the sun. In addition, when you fall asleep, you can also enjoy the magnificent view of the night sky through the twinkling stars.

4. Use a dark tarp tent

Using a dark tarp tent is usually a simple and economical way to darken the tent. Choosing different colors of tarpaulin can ensure that the tarpaulin is darker in color.

Unfortunately, most tents use lighter, brighter colors to keep people cool at night. But after enough time and research, you can definitely find a dark tent that suits you.
How to Keep Daylight Out of Tent?

4. Use sleep eye mask
Another easy way is to use a sleep eye mask, which will help you avoid strong sunlight and avoid all the complicated setting techniques. All you have to do is simply cover your eyes with a sleep eye mask. At the same time, you can also wear earplugs to avoid noise.

In fact, some serious outdoor people advise against this because it will limit your ability to understand what is happening outside the tent. But for most people who only like to camp in campgrounds, state parks or family parks, there should be no problem with using blackout tents. Everyone can use these tips to blackout the tent according to yourselves needs.

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