How to keep your backpack safe when travelling?

(1)Normal traveling

If you are walking on a busy street, you can consider carrying your backpack in front. We recommend that you choose an anti-theft secure travel backpack, which can be a zipper that can be equipped with a lock to lock the backpack or a backpack with an anti-theft bell. You can rest assured when you fall asleep in the hotel at night, and can alert you if there are thieves. Important travel items such as passport, phone, credit card and cash should be stored in the mezzanine or secret compartment of the backpack.

How to keep your backpack safe when travelling?

(2) Camping traveling

If it is during the camping period, the backpack should be closed to prevent small animals such as weasels and mice from stealing food. At night, you must use a backpack cover to cover the backpack. Even in fine weather, dew will still wet the backpack. If it is too dirty, use a neutral detergent to clean the backpack and place it in a cool place to air dry, but avoid exposure to the sun for too long, because ultraviolet rays will damage the nylon cloth.

How to keep your backpack safe when travelling?

(3) Hiking traveling

You still need to pay attention to the basic maintenance during the hiking process. If the backpack is scratched, it must be immediately patched with thicker needles. The needles used to patch the cushions can be sewn firmly, and the nylon thread can be broken by fire. Keep the backpack in a cool and dry environment to avoid mold damage to the waterproof coating on the outer layer of the backpack.

Check the main support points, such as the waist belt, shoulder strap, and the stability of the carrying system on weekdays, to avoid deterioration or hardening of the gasket, and change the zipper when it is time to change. Don't wait until something slips out of the carry on backpack.

How to keep your backpack safe when travelling?
Finally, the place where the item is placed is kept secret. If there is no awareness of anti-theft, it is easy to be stolen. For example, if you often sleep in an unfamiliar place and your belongings are unattended, even if your belongings are hung around your neck, they will be cut off and stolen.

So, no matter where you put your things, the most important thing is that you should raise your awareness of anti-theft. Don't trust strangers. When traveling alone, we only look for hotels to sleep and so on. Only our belongings and our lives can be kept safe.

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