How to maintain outdoor travel backpacks?

After the best travel backpack is used, it will always be stained with dirt, dust, sweat, etc., and sometimes even with oil stains, which affects the aesthetics of the backpack. Maintenance of outdoor travel backpacks should not only pay attention to frequent cleaning, but also pay attention to moisture and avoid exposure to the sun. Let's take a look at how to maintain the travel backpack.

How to maintain outdoor travel backpacks?

1.Use a travel bag to cover the travel backpack at night. Even in fine weather, dew will still wet the travel backpack and cause mold to the travel backpack.

2.When the outdoor travel backpack is full of items, do not slap or fall the travel backpack at will. Because the stitches of the travel backpack filled with items are already very tight, if you accidentally hit or fall at this time, it is easy to crack the stitches or damage the buckle, which will damage the travel backpack.

3.Don't cling to the fabric of the backpack with solid iron parts. When using, be careful of the damage to the backpack body by accessories such as buckles and straps.

4.The outdoor travel backpack will always be stained with dirt, dust, sweat and other stains after use, so you should wash it immediately after returning home and keep the large travel backpack clean.

How to maintain outdoor travel backpacks?

5.Long-term storage of the travel backpack requires regular cleaning. Generally, a dry soft brush is used to remove the dust on the outer layer of the travel backpack. If you scrub directly with a damp cloth, it is easy to get stains on the outside of the fabric.

6.If the travel backpackis accidentally wetted, it should be ventilated to dry and not exposed to the sun, so as to prevent the fibers from becoming hardened due to ultraviolet radiation.

7.After a long journey, before cleaning the travel backpack, you should soak for about 30 minutes, or use a lot of clean water to wash it, to avoid organic matter, small creatures, or rotten leaves in the stream from getting stuck in the backpack, causing the travel backpack to become moldy .

8.The waterproof coating on the surface of the travel backpack may fall off. Spraying with a professional water repellent agent can extend the life of the waterproof coating.

9.If the travel backpack is scratched, patch it up immediately. When patching, use a thicker needle and thread to sew firmly, and then use fire to break the nylon thread after sewing.

10.During normal inspection, check the stability of the support pieces to avoid deterioration or hardening of the gasket. If you find that the zipper should be changed, you must change it. Don't wait until the thing falls out of the travel backpack to make up.

How to maintain outdoor travel backpacks?

11.The travel backpack accidentally gets oil stains and needs to be cleaned:

① Scrub new traces with cold water, and then use detergent to remove them. You can also apply white vinegar to the oil stains, then wash it off with clean water, and then gently brush it with a brush, and the oil stains can almost be solved. After the oil stains are removed, wash it with water once or twice.

②The old oil stains should be washed away by adding appropriate amount of ammonia water in the detergent solution, or 2% borax solution can be used to wash. After the oil stains are removed, clean the detergent with water.

③After cleaning the grease stains of the carry on backpack, it should be dried in time. When drying, please turn the inside of the backpack to the outside and hang it upside down to dry, which will help maintain the original bag shape. Pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, air drying or shade drying is best.

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