How to pack a backpack for camping?

When camping in the wild, it’s important to organize your large travel backpack and make full use of every little space. The packing of the backpack is exquisite, and you must not just stuff things in. Once you are looking for something when you are on the way of camping, you have to pour out everything and find it, and then stuff it in. It will be very troublesome. So, think carefully and plan reasonably before you set off. Here are some tips for packing luggage:

How to pack a backpack for camping?

1. There is a sleeping bag compartment at the bottom of the backpack for storing sleeping bags. In order to facilitate access, there is usually a zipper at the bottom of the bag. In summer, it is recommended to put on a large plastic bag before loading the sleeping bag. This will prevent the sleeping bag from being wetted by the rain, and the plastic bag can store garbage when the camping is over. The moisture-proof pad should be placed at the bottom of the backpack.

2. The second layer should be equipped with your clothes, socks, washing utensils, etc. Be sure to fold your clothes well to save space better. If you travel a long distance, it is recommended to pack the clothes into a plastic bag and then pack it into a backpack, which can prevent rain and dust.

3. The third layer should contain your food, cookware, tableware, kettle and so on. It is worth noting that the food packaging boxes must be removed, and bottled foods can best be packed in plastic bags. We don't need to bring garbage to the mountain. Be an environmentally friendly outdoor camper.

4. Basically, after your carry on backpack is packed in this way, there is not much space left. Put temporary warm clothes on the top. You will be very hot on the way to climbing mountain. But the wind will usually be stronger when you reach the top, so you can put on warm clothes in time.

5. The top of backpack: Basically, there are fragile items such as headlights, toilet paper, rain cover, raincoat, and cameras. A tent hangs outside the top of the head bag. Follow this rule: the top of the backpack is heavy and the bottom is light.

How to pack a backpack for camping?


6. Both sides of the backpack: usually put some commonly used things, batteries, gloves, high-calorie snacks, water bottles, plastic bags, etc.

7. The trekking pole should be hung on the side of the backpack with the handle part facing down to avoid puncturing your bag. The ice axe should be hung in the front of the backpack. Generally, outdoor equipment backpackshave a place to hang the ice axe.

8. The ice grab should be hung outside the bag and next to the ice axe. The tip of the ice grab should face outwards so as not to puncture the contents of the backpack and bag.

9. Wallets and documents should be put in a waterproof bag and carried with you to avoid loss.

Pack your backpack well before you leave, so that you can be comfortable when camping in the wilderness!

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