How to pack a food bag?

One of the secrets of successful backpacking is to learn how to be very organized and stay organized during the journey. This may sound obvious, but in fact this is a skill that requires a lot of practice and development, and you can "do it in your sleep" regardless of the weather or your fatigue level.

How to pack a food bag?

Take your food bag as an example. How easy is it for you to get snacks? Do you find yourself stopping every time you are cooking and opening the entire food bag?
Although this may sound like a trivial inconvenience, random food bag organization may cause fewer snacks or delayed meals, which may have a major impact on your performance, your ability to carry long hours or high miles. It took me a long time to understand the relationship between reasonable food bag organization and my daily calorie intake pattern. Here are some suggestions on food bag organization that you may find useful.

How to pack a food bag?

1. When I pack my bear bag at home. I first divide all my meals into 5 piles: beakastss lunch. Dinner, snacks and drinks.
2. I put each pile in its own plastic bag. I found that the best way is to pack my folded shirts in a plastic bag I bought from a dry cleaner.
3. I put my backpack towel, bear bag string and mesh bag on the bottom of my food bag.
4. Then I put the O.P. bag into the bear bag, put my long-handled titanium spoon and toob toothbrush in it, supported it vertically for easy access.
5. Next one. I put these 5 bags of food into my food bag one by one, so that the food or snacks I want to eat next will be on the top of the food bag. After eating for a period of time, I will re-order food bags as required, so that if I want to continue working, the rest time can be shortened.
6. I always put the food bag on top of other equipment in my backpack so that it is easy to get during the day.

The advantage of this system is that I always know how much food I have left over during my business trip, because all the same types of meals are organized together.It also makes it much easier to choose the foods I'm going to eat because they're all grouped together.Before organizing the bear bags this way, I found that every time I had to eat a snack or a meal, I always had to completely unpack and repackage the bear bags, and I didn't know exactly how much food was left because it was all poured out together.

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