How to Pack a Laptop in a Carry On Backpack?

If you've ever stuffed your handbag into the edge and remembered that you had to pack your laptop, you know the right way (the wrong way) to pack your laptop in your best laptop backpack.

How to Pack a Laptop in a Carry On Backpack?

The correct approach is as follows:

Never pack a laptop in checked baggage

I know this is an obvious hint, but you never know.Checked baggage is opened, scanned, searched, stacked, squashed and tossed aside.Your fragile and expensive laptop is not made for this abuse.

In addition, the pressure in many checked bags is completely different from the main cabin, which can wreak havoc on your sensitive electronics.

How to Pack a Laptop in a Carry On Backpack

Use a thin laptop case

Pack your laptop in thin sleeves for extra protection.You need a case that is thin enough that you can slide your laptop into and out of the pocket without having to take it out of the pad.

Pack your laptop first

The key to packing a laptop in carry-on luggage is to pack the computer before packing anything else.The larger rigid computer shape actually gives your package a bit of structure, which actually makes packing the rest of the package easier.Do not put your laptop in at the last minute.

Attach your laptop charger and cable to a separate manager

Most security checkpoints do not require you to remove a charger (just an actual computer), so do not carry a wall-mounted charger with your laptop.The charger is also large enough to bulge out in the pocket of most laptops, which can be stressful.Pack the charger separately.

Get TSA Precheck

Sign up for TSA Precheck, and guess what?You don't have to take your laptop out of your handbag during a security check.This is great! Or you can travel with a TSA backpack.

Pack it in a suitable laptop backpack

What is an "appropriate" laptop backpack? Specifically, it's about letting people travel with their computers, not as an afterthought. Use cheap sleeves to throw away flimsy backpacks where there's nowhere to put them.

Pack in a Proper Laptop Backpack

What is an "appropriate" laptop backpack? Specifically, it is to let people travel with computers, can be loaded, lightweight, comfortable back, reasonable function.

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