How to pack a small backpack for travel?

Traveling is a joyful thing, but many people feel bored because they don’t know how to pack their best travel backpack.

Matein travel backpack

In fact, packing luggage is not as difficult as we thinking. As long as the method is correct, a travel backpack can hold many things.

The first is the finishing of clothes. Many people like take a lot of beautiful clothes when they travel, and they even prefer to wear a few sets a day, it’s normal because they want to take beautiful photos.

But if you have to bring a lot of clothes, I suggest that when you fold your clothes, you should put them in a rolled form, which will save a lot of space for other things. Moreover, rolling up the clothes not only saves space but also prevents the clothes from becoming crumpled and losing their beauty.

Matein travel backpack

Next is the storage method of some skin care products and daily necessities. It is recommended that you consider gift pack with these items when you travel, because a long-distance journey can easily break our bottles. This is really not worth the loss. Moreover, the gift pack skin care products are relatively small and easy to carry. These items can be put in a Large travel backpack for easy removal.

Last is the storage of shoes. Shoes are a relatively difficult item to save space. The only way is to bring as little as possible. But for some shoes that must be brought, we can wrap the shoes in a plastic bag, and then place the toe to the tail. In this way, some gaps can be avoided and the space can be fully utilized.

If some people really want to bring too many things that can't fit them all in the carry on backpack, then you can consider express delivery, because the transportation industry is very advanced. Just send it to the hotel a few days before departure, it is really convenient.

Matein travel backpack

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