How to pack the charger and cable for travel?

I like to pack light, but I have to admit that recently I found myself carrying a lot more things than usual, especially in electronics. Between my new camera and drone, I added a lot of equipment. However, when I pack the charger and cable during the trip, what I notice most is.

How to pack the charger and cable for travel?

I want to share how I manage all these electronic accessories and provide you with some tips to keep your load light.
At the beginning, I want to quickly introduce what I am carrying. The first is my camera, which includes Panasonic Lumix GH5, GoPro Hero 4 and DJI Mavic Air drone. I also carry my Macbook Pro 15-inch laptop with me. With this device alone, I have to carry all these chargers with me, which really increases the size of my luggage. This does not even include accessories such as tripods, card readers, car chargers and memory cards.

My packaging process
Therefore, the first thing I want to do is to distinguish the items that need to be carried in the backpack from the items that can be carried in the suitcase. The items I carry with me include phone charging cables, USB chargers, spare batteries and laptop chargers. All other items, such as the camera and drone charger, can be left in my suitcase because it is unlikely that they will be needed when transported to the destination.

Now the fun begins. In order to organize the chargers carried in my backpack, I used an electronic organizer. I have been using MATEIN Travel Electronic Organizer and it works very well. I like it to be light and simple. Basically, you have zipper pockets on both sides. On one side is a large zippered pocket for storing larger items, and on the other side is a mesh pocket, which is divided into two parts. My passion for the split design is that it makes it much easier to find smaller items such as memory cards or batteries, which can easily be thrown into large pockets.

How to pack the charger and cable for travel?

Finally, the middle pocket is great for holding smaller cables, such as USB or lightning cables and headphones. I really like it so that the cables can be separated and neat. I used to stuff cables into the pockets of my backpack, and whenever I pulled them out, they would get entangled. So this is a better solution for me.

The whole thing is neatly folded and can be adjusted according to the items you carry. The organizer’s design is indeed very good and the quality is also high.

Other tips
1. Look for redundant chargers or cables:
Sometimes, you don’t have to carry fewer chargers or cables. For example, in addition to the battery charger itself, my drone charger also has two USB charging ports, which makes it twice as much as mobile phone and tablet chargers.

2. Consider using an adapter instead of carrying another cable:
If your device can be charged via USB, but has a different interface, you may want to consider buying a small and cheap adapter. For example, you can get a device that converts Micro USB to USB-C or Lightning interface. This will allow you to carry one cable and adapter instead of two separate cables.

3. Carry a multi-port charger:
If you need to charge multiple devices at once, or you are traveling with other people, then you will need to bring a multi-port USB charger. In addition, if there are not enough plugs, you will become a hero at the airport.

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