How to Pick Your Carry-On and Check-In Luggage?

Although most carry on backpack and suitcases have quadrangle proportions and hard or soft casings, they vary widely. This makes choosing the best luggage a lot more complicated than choosing duffel bags. There are three basic variables to help you make a decision:

How to Pick Your Carry-On and Check-In Luggage?

1. Two or four wheels: Which is the best rotation? Two-wheeled suitcases such as backpack with wheels require you to drag them behind you in a straight line, and pulling heavy luggage can be cumbersome. The four-wheel suitcase, also known as a rotator, rotates 360 degrees and is easy to handle; When upright, it can even be overturned. But their design means the wheels are more vulnerable to damage. 

2. Frequent and occasional travelers: Travelers who travel several times a month need sturdy suitcases that won't fail for years.The more durable a bag is, the more expensive it becomes -- $500 or more for carry-on luggage and $700 or more for check-in. But Lyle Saltzman, merchandise director at a luggage factory in Lambertville, New Jersey, which sells more than 60 luggage brands, said high-end luggage comes with a substantial warranty. "Many premium brands have lifetime warranty policies that protect your investment, so if the bag is damaged, they will repair or replace it for free," he said. Matein as a backpack manufacturer for many years, adhering to the fine workmanship, quality assurance, and provide lifetime warranty service for customers.

How to Pick Your Carry-On and Check-In Luggage?

3. Soft-shell suitcase and hard-shell suitcase: Both hard-shell suitcase and soft-shell suitcase have advantages; The final decision should be based on personal preference.Industry insiders say hard bags are more aesthetically fashionable. Hard bags also protect internal items better than soft bags and are less likely to wear out.As we mentioned earlier, hard-shell suitcases will also severely limit the amount you can pack into a bag. This is a benefit if you tend to pack too much. And because the new cases are made of lightweight polycarbonate, they are less scratchy and weigh less. In fact, some models weigh less than a soft suitcase, but beware of a bag that is too light: its frame can be fragile.

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