How to prevent your luggage getting lost?

Even in airports and airlines with regulated and strict management, the loss of checked baggage, such as a large travel backpack, may also occur, especially when it is necessary to go through a long-distance flight and transfer to another plane. Lost baggage is more common. So how to prevent the loss of luggage during travel?

How to prevent your luggage getting lost?

1. Choose low-key luggage

Regarding the suitcase, I think it must be better. It is best to meet the characteristics of wear resistance, can be loaded with many things and not easy to stain. Don't be too fancy, because the brighter the suitcase, the easier it is to be targeted by thieves.

2. Mark your luggage.

There have been cases where the suitcases looked exactly the same, and passengers took the wrong suitcases at the airport. Therefore, it is recommended to stick eye-catching stickers on the box, wrap the box with brightly colored luggage straps, or prepare a brightly colored luggage tag that allows you to quickly find your luggage among the many luggage.

You can also put a business card in the luggage tag, write the passenger's name, contact information, flight and other key information, once lost, it is easier to find in time.

How to prevent your luggage getting lost?

3. Valuables should be carried with you

Passports, ID cards, credit cards, important personal documents, ,cash, cameras, laptops and other valuables must be carried with you. You can pack them in your slim backpack.

If you must consign valuables, you can declare and pay taxes in advance, so that you can still be compensated if something goes wrong.

4. Avoid consignment of contraband

Many checked baggage lags because the baggage contains prohibited items such as lighters, batteries, etc., and the baggage will be removed by the airport security check card. In addition, too many old luggage tags on passenger luggage will also affect the identification of luggage in the sorting system.

5. Consider luggage insurance

You can usually purchase additional baggage coverage by paying a higher baggage surcharge to the airline at check-in. Just let the boarding staff know that you want to do this, and then follow their arrangement steps. Make sure you have a credit card ready to pay for additional charges.

6. Understand the transfer policy

Some larger airports will transport you luggage from a flight. Other airports (especially smaller airports, but there are also some larger airports) will require you to pick up your luggage on the next flight and then transfer it to the next flight. Make sure you know the special policies of any airport you are flying to. If you have any questions, the person who checked the luggage should be able to help.

7. Check in early
If you arrive at the airport late, the airline will have to hurry up when handling your luggage. Mistakes may happen, they may accidentally send your luggage to the wrong location. Because they don't have lots of time to get your bag to the right spot before your flight.

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How to prevent your luggage getting lost?
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