How to Properly Store Your Suit?

If you are a business man, you may need to carry a suit in your best business laptop backpack or garment bag when meet customers. Many men have more than one suit, but for some reasons they may not be able to use their suit for a long time. As for some good suits, if they are not worn for a long time, they should be stored properly. Otherwise some problems may will arise when they want to wear the suit after a period of time.

For those suits that have not been worn for a long time, it is best to send them to a dry cleaner for cleaning before storing, and then cover the suit with a suit cover. Suit covers can avoid dust. Because dust will block the fibers of the clothes and accelerate the wear of the cloth. Don't just tuck the suit directly into the closet, it is easy to produce many wrinkles, or even deform, directly reducing the life span of the clothes.

How to Properly Store Your Suit?

At the same time, you can also put an appropriate amount of desiccant in the wardrobe, which can play a role in preventing moisture. For those professional wardrobes, there will be some hangers for hanging suits. This hanger can make suit maintain its original form. The best hanger is a wide-handle arc-shaped special hanger made of wood or plastic.

It is better to use a clothes rack after dry cleaning, and put tea, camphor or other insecticide in your pocket. Please remember use suit garment bag or suit cover for storage. The best place for storage is a place with good ventilation and low humidity. As for other things in the suit pocket, especially the heavier things, you must take them out. Long-term weight pressure can easily deform the suit. In addition, everyone should pay attention to protecting your suits in daily life. When not wearing a suit for a long time, you should deal with the above methods.

Suits worn for a long time should be hung in a place with a certain humidity when they are stored. Because most of this kind of clothes rack can be combined with clothes and pants, you can hang the suit together with the pants and hang them in a place with a little humidity. This is conducive to the recovery of fatigue from clothing fibers. But excessive humidity will affect the effect of suit shaping, generally the humidity is maintained at 35% to 40%.

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How to Properly Store Your Suit?
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