How to remove stains correctly?

Generally speaking, the washing decontamination method of besmirch divides water to wash and dry clean two kinds of types, when specific choice should decide according to the characteristic of fabrics and the kind of besmirch. For textile fabrics, if there is no special design or technical requirements, can be used to wash, but in the state of semi-finished products, it may not be convenient to wash, need to use dry cleaning method. When dry cleaning decontamination tools have toothbrush, glass plate, mat cloth, cover cloth, etc. The gasket must be a clean white cotton cloth soaked in water and dried, folded into 8~10 layers and laid flat on the glass plate.

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How to remove stains correctly?

When decontamination, put the decontamination board below the fabric that has besmear first, besmear USES decontamination material next, reenter toothbrush dips in water perpendicular direction to knock gently, or heat makes dirt and decontamination material fall off gradually to hot mat cloth go up. Some stains often have to be removed many times, the use of pads must be washed often to keep clean.If the use of chemical dry cleaning, operation should be from the edge of the stain to the center, to prevent the stain to the outward expansion of  scattered, at the same time, force can not be too large, to avoid fabric wool, cause visual defects.

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How to remove stains correctly?

For leather or artificial leather fabrics, only need to use the corresponding chemical reagent to wipe, the dirt can be dissolved away.

Attach importance to decontamination after treatment to prevent the formation of residual traces.

After decontamination, the fabric is easy to form obvious edges due to local contact with water, if not treated in time, it is very easy to leave a yellow ring mark. No matter what kind of decontamination material is used, after the removal of stains, should be immediately dipped in water with a toothbrush to the fabric with water brush some larger area, and then spray around some water, so that it gradually desalination, in order to eliminate its obvious edge profile.

How to remove stains correctly

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