How to repair the wheels of the bag?

1. What to do if the wheels of the wheeled backpack luggage don’t turn

There may be insufficient lubricating oil, or there may be dirt in the wheels. Dip a cloth with lubricating oil on the wheels, and then turn the wheels a few times to be more flexible. Or take a small bamboo stick to take out the dirt under the wheel to make the wheel flexible.

How to repair the wheels of the bag?
2. How to repair wheels
(1) Detect the visible wear degree of the tire surface. The degree of flattening of the tire surface may indicate the accumulation of foreign matter. Sundries such as thread ends and iron wires may be wrapped around the wheel. Remove the bolts and nuts from the wheel and clean up the debris. Check whether the wheel bearings are damaged. If the parts are not damaged, they can be reassembled and used again. If the rolling back pack wheel is often entangled by debris, it is recommended to install an anti-wrap cover to avoid it.

(2) Loose casters or stuck wheels of the luggage case can also cause the surface of the wheels to be ground. Appropriate maintenance inspections, especially checking the tightness of bolts, and whether the lubricant is sufficient. Replacing broken casters can enhance the rolling performance and rotation flexibility of the equipment.

How to repair the wheels of the bag?

(3) Severe damage or looseness of rubber tires may cause unstable rolling, air leakage, abnormal load, and damage to the bottom plate. Timely replacement of damaged tires and bearings can reduce the cost of downtime caused by damaged casters.

(4) After checking and repairing the wheels, determine whether the bolts and nuts are tightened, and use anti-loosening washers or anti-loosing nuts on all bolts as much as possible. If the bolt is loose, tighten it immediately. If the wheels installed in the bracket are loose, the wheels will be damaged or unable to rotate.

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