How to secure a backpack when travelling? (II)

Matein travel backpack

Let's continue the topic of how to secure your best travel backpack when travelling? (I)

8.Checking on Internet for the most common forms of crime at local. Searching on Internet in advance for bad experiences of other travelers, scammers' routines, browsing local life news, and learning about scammers' methods of committing crimes.

9.Purchasing travel insurance. Global 24-hour emergency contact numbers and emergency rescue services, overseas medical compensation, personal property protection (including important documents and luggage loss insurance), journey delays.

10.If you are waiting for the elevator alone and there are many people, please go into the elevator at the last. Pressing your own floor after everyone else has finished, to prevent criminals from following.

11.After entering the hotel, please use toilet paper rolled into a small paper ball to plug the cat's eye to prevent the bad guys from using the anti-cat's eye device to peep from outside.

12.In order to prevent criminals from using the cat's eye opener to open the door directly (the anti-theft chain is also useless), carrying a door blocker in your carry on backpack  when travel. If not, try to hold the door handle with the back of the chair. The door handle, the back of the chair and the leg of the chair form a triangle, so that the door cannot be opened outside

13.Checking whether there is a hidden camera device. Heard on the Internet that when you check the room with a mobile phone and find that there is a red dot after turning off the lights, which means there is a camera. However, most mobile phones now have infrared light filtering function, so this method is not practical.

In generally hotels,the sneak shots may exist in places such as televisions, telephones, ceilings, smoke sensors, clothes hooks, etc. At the same time, checking whether there are suspicious wires in the room. These are probably the power and signal wires of the pinhole camera .

Matein travel backpack

14.Checking if there is a double-sided mirror. There is no distance between your fingers. When you look in the mirror, the other person will see your appearance.

15.Trying not to go to the bar alone, when you go to the bar with friends of the opposite sex, as long as the drink has been out of your sight (such as playing on the mobile phone, after going to the toilet), you must change a drink.

16.Observing in advance the location of the hotel's emergency exit and the location of the fire alarm window. Learning how to use a fire extinguisher.

I hope everyone traveling alone with a tsa backpack can improve their self-protection awareness and travel safely!

Matein travel backpack

Of course,there’re some other things have to pay attention to,pls check next blog about How to secure a travel backpack?

thank you !

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