How to secure your backpack when travelling? (I)

More and more people like to travel alone with their best travel backpack, but safety is the most important when traveling alone. Here are some things to pay attention to:

Matein travel backpack

1.Checking the situation around the hotel, you can open the map to check the street view near the hotel. Don’t go if it’s too remote or the surroundings seem messy.

2.Telling your friends about your itinerary. Trying to explain the approximate daily itinerary with your friends in advance, and make a secret code between you.

3.Trying to avoid calling in public, don't trust any strangers you met just now, and be defensive. Even if you do chat very speculatively, it is best to limit the topic to irrelevant areas such as hobbies. If you really have fate, it will not be too late to learn more about it in the future. Some professional scammers may use your birthday information to crack your online account or even bank card password.

4.It is best to travel by public transportation with your large travel backpack and try to travel during the day.

Matein travel backpack

5.When going out to travel, don't post the photos of the location of hotel.

6.When taking a taxi outside, check the mobile phone map software at any time after getting in the car, turn on the mobile phone to locate, take a photo of the license plate and send it to a friend. After getting in the car, call a friend in front of the driver and tell him the license plate number and other information. Of course, talk as much as possible, let the driver hear it, and he will understand that there is a third person who knows where you are going.

7.Back up all important files. Including: ID card front and back ; passport information page and visa page (outbound); hotel reservation form; air ticket reservation form; insurance company insurance policy and compensation details; bank card/credit card front and back; local alarm phone number; other Important documents (travel service orders, etc.)

I hope everyone traveling alone with a matein travel backpack can improve their self-protection awareness and travel safely!

Matein travel backpack

Of course,there’re some other things have to pay attention to,pls check next blog about How to secure a backpack when travelling? thank you !



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