How to travel with just a backpack?

“As a minimalist, it’s best to take as few things as you can when you travel. I used to pack a whole trolley suitcase every time I traveled, but when I arrived at my destination, I found that many things were never taken out. It’s really not necessary. Now I insist on taking only one best laptop backpack for travel backpack within a week. The advantage of bringing less things is that it obviously feels a lot easier for people. Because I only bring the most basic cosmetics, I go out faster than usual in the morning. Free up more time to experience and feel. After all, the burden on the body is reduced, so that the mind can truly relax."

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What are the benefits of minimalist packaging?

1) Packing up will not be in a hurry and shorten the preparation time before going to the airport.
2) Bring your hand luggage directly onto the plane without waiting for your checked luggage, which shortens the time to leave the airport after landing.
3) There is no need to bring a trolley box, and you will not be too entangled in stone roads or old buildings without elevators.

With the increase in the number of trips, everyone will become more and more familiar with the preparations before the trip.

(1) First, divide the travel destination into two types

The first is that I spend most of my time hiking, and I basically don't need to photograph myself. It is best to choose a large-capacity backpack and pack everything in a carry on backpack.
The second is that the scenery is unique, or if good friends go out together, someone helps to take pictures. In this case, you can choose a shoulder bag (including important property and documents).

I usually stuff a small messenger bag in my big bag. The most important thing for traveling is personal and property safety. Backpacks are placed at the back, which is a blind spot of sight, so you can usually put the big bag in your residence and bring a small bag during the day. Bring the essential things when you go out to play.

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(2) Secondly, you can pack your luggage according to the weather of the destination

For example, if you go to Northern Europe and go to a sunny beach, the luggage you bring will vary greatly. Therefore, it is very important to look after the weather at the destination first. Taking a one-week trip in winter as an example, I would bring three sweaters of different thicknesses, a thicker jacket, and a pair of jeans. When you travel, try to bring basic clothes as much as possible, and the items can be matched with each other, so that you can effectively reduce the number of clothes you need to bring. Decide which clothes to bring, and finally put on the thickest clothes, coats, scarves, hats and boots so that the luggage is lighter.

how to travel with just a backpack?

There are also important things such as skin care cosmetics in girls’ luggage, and basic skin care products are generally sufficient. If you think it is too boring to bring only the basic neutral color, you can adjust it through accessories (earrings and necklaces), or lipsticks of different colors. These things are small in size and light in weight, but they can play a bright role.

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