Is it Cheaper to Check Luggage or Ship It?

Whether you go abroad or domestic travel, luggage is definitely indispensable, so suitcases and best travel backpacks must be indispensable. The luggage is brought, but how to check the luggage is a headache. We must consider many factors such as economy, convenience and speed. How to check the luggage is the most cost-effective?

Is it Cheaper to Check Luggage or Ship It?

There are three ways to check luggage: checked luggage, express delivery and sea. Check luggage is the most convenient way and the most cost-effective when not overweight. Different airlines have different weight limits, which are roughly in the range of 16-32 kg.

If the luggage is overweight, the air freight charged will be higher. In addition, some large-size items such as furniture and bicycles are not allowed to be checked in by general airlines, and this checked luggage method requires you to go to the airport to pick up your large travel backpack or luggage.

If you check in, it is more appropriate to choose a special boarding case, and the size and specifications are all in line with the requirements. If you are not overweight, this is the most economical way of consignment. There are many people who choose it. The disadvantage is that some things cannot be carried.

Is it Cheaper to Check Luggage or Ship It?

International express companies include EMS, DHL, UPS, etc., if you choose express delivery, you can directly deliver to the destination. But its disadvantage is that the price is relatively high. If the goods are only 1-2 kg, this consignment method is still good. But if there are more luggage, the courier fee may be very expensive. This consignment method is more suitable for emergency, because the cost is more expensive so there are still fewer people selected.

It may be cheaper to send luggage to a final destination, but it depends on where you are traveling to. We can surmise that if your traveling less than 1,000 miles may be able to save money by shipping personal effects to their destination and back.

Sea transportation is different from the above two shipping methods. There is no need to worry about weight and volume. The cost is the lowest. The biggest shortcoming is the slow speed. This kind of shipping method is more suitable for large items.

For these three methods, everyone should choose according to their own baggage conditions and comprehensively on economy, convenience and speed.

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