Is Your Laptop Bag Waterproof?

The best laptop backpack currently on the market include fully waterproof laptop backpacks/bags and water-resistent laptop backpacks/bags. But most of them don't have complete waterproof function, they have certain water repellent function. It is no problem to face with light rain or splash water, but it will not work if it encounters heavy rain or falls directly into the water.

Is Your Laptop Bag Waterproof?

The principle of water repellency is to make fabric or leather difficult to absorb water through hydrophobicity, and water can slide off the surface quickly, while the degree of water pressure resistance of water repellent is low. In the case of long-term rain or sudden heavy rain, the surface of the backpack was quickly seeped in by rain.

To be fully waterproof, not only must the fabric be made of a fully waterproof material, but also a seamless joint welding process can be achieved.

The zipper of the laptop bags for women must also be completely waterproof. Every detail is fully waterproof to ensure that the laptop bag achieves a full waterproof effect. The zipper selected for the waterproof backpack is waterproof and will not seep into it when exposed to water, which can more effectively protect the contents.

Is Your Laptop Bag Waterproof?

There are several ways to open the waterproof backpack:
1. Generally, the roll mouth is used to open, that is, the mouth of the bag is folded and fixed with a buckle or other parts to achieve a sealing effect.
2. Bayonet-style sealed bag mouth, which is more used for small waterproof bags.
3. The last type is an airtight zipper opening, which is a waterproof zipper with a high waterproof level. This kind of zipper has a high cost, and is generally used in advanced waterproof backpacks, outdoor ice packs, and waterproof waist bags.

If it is a water-soaked laptop bag, most of the current waterproof laptop bags on the market are made of TPU material, not only the waterproof effect is better than ordinary materials. The protective effect of abrasion resistance and scratch resistance is also very good.

Generally speaking, if it is not used in a special environment, it is sufficient to use a laptop bag (or travel laptop backpack) with a water-repellent function in daily life. Most laptop bags on the market made of nylon, polyester and other fabrics have a certain water repellent function, and it's no problem to use in daily life.

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