Luggage Case Size Selection Guide

May people bring the large travel backpack and luggage case to travel. The luggage case is a suitcase specially designed for airplane travel, especially for people who often travel by plane. It is very important to choose a suitable luggage case. Once the size of the luggage case exceeds the boarding standard, then It needs to be checked. So what is the size requirement of the cabin? How to choose a luggage case?

Luggage Case Size Selection Guide

According to IATA’s recommended cabin size, it is stipulated that the sum of the three sides of the cabin shall not exceed 115CM, and the sum of the three sides of the luggage case to be checked shall not exceed 158CM. However, different airlines have different regulations, and airlines' size standards have been changing. It is recommended that you inquire about the specific boarding box size standards of your airline before taking the plane.

Common dimensions of luggage case

16 inch luggage cases
16-inch wheeled backpack luggages are suitable for one person to travel for 1-3 days for short distances. 3 pieces of thin clothes, 2 pieces of pants, 1 piece of jacket, 1 piece of travel toiletry bag, and 1 pair of shoes are recommended.

18 inch luggage cases
18-inch luggage cases are suitable for one person to travel for 1-4 days for short distances. 4 pieces of thin clothing, 3 pieces of pants, 1 piece of jacket, 1 piece of travel toiletry bag, and 2 pairs of shoes are recommended.

20 inch luggage cases
20-inch luggage cases, the most common size design is 50*34*20cm, suitable for 1 person to travel for 1-7 days.

Luggage Case Size Selection Guide

Luggage cases over 20 inches
Luggages larger than 20 inches generally exceed international boarding standards and need to be checked in. They are suitable for long-term travel, family travel and international long-distance travel.

Generally, the airport security check site has a luggage basket for passengers to test the size of their hand luggage. If the your luggage can be put into the standard basket, the luggage can be carried with him, otherwise it needs to be checked in. Moreover, some airlines have special weight restrictions, please pay attention to the tips on the ticket or consult the airline.

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