How to Maintain and Clean for Outdoor Backpacks?

For travelers, a function diversity, durable outdoor secure travel backpack is indispensable. Outdoors travel, hiking backpack can not only liberate our hands, let us better enjoy the carefree days of journey, also can store many travel necessities, let our travel more assured, more safety. Outdoor travel backpack provides a lot of convenience for users, users should also know the daily cleaning and maintenance methods of outdoor travel backpack. In order to extend the life of outdoor travel backpack, while avoiding unnecessary situations that may occur during the journey. Read on for some relevant tips below:

How to Maintain and Clean for Outdoor Backpacks?
Notes for use:
When the backpack is full of items, do not smash the backpack, because the full backpack seams have been stretched very tight, if accidentally hit or fall, it is likely to seam or buckle damage, damage the backpack.In addition, iron equipment do not cling to outdoor travel backpack fabric, use to pay attention to the buckle, straps and other accessories damage to the bag body. Be careful and do not use a rolling back pack on uneven undersides.

Daily maintenance:
Outdoor travel backpacks are always stained with sweat, dirt, dust, etc., so wash them immediately when you get home.Use soft soft bristle brush commonly, brush the dust that removes knapsack outer, if use wet cloth to wipe directly, can stain instead in cloth surface.Then wash with clean water. If there are oil stains, use a neutral detergent, such as body wash or washing powder.If worry about waterproofing decline can also be in the fast dry time spray point waterproofing agent. After washing clean, put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

How to Maintain and Clean for Outdoor Backpacks?

Remember that the backpack should not be exposed to the sun when it is wet, so as to avoid the hardening and embrittlement of the fibers caused by ultraviolet radiation.If be after long travel, immerse with lukewarm water first 30 minutes or so, perhaps with a lot of clear water scour, avoid the organic matter in stream, small biology, or it is rotten leaf card is in carrying system, cause backpacks moldy or breed bacterium.When the backpack is not completely dried, the surface of the waterproof coating is the best time to protect with professional anti-splash agent spraying.

After spraying professional outdoor waterproof agent, your backpack has the same anti-splash function as when you just bought it.

Pay attention to repair:
Assume the backpack is torn and should be mended immediately.When sewing, it is necessary to use a thicker needle and thread (such as a special sewing needle for chair cushion) to sew firmly, and then use fire to cut the nylon thread after sewing.Peacetime inspection, the first is to check the support point (such as belt, shoulder belt and other bearing system) stability, in case of gasket deterioration or hardening and do not know; The zipper should be changed, don't wait for things to slip out of the backpack to change.The manufacturing materials of good quality outdoor travel backpacks are generally processed by special processes such as coating, and the selection of good outdoor large travel backpack is of great help for outdoor travel.

 How to Maintain and Clean for Outdoor Backpacks?

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