Major Ways to Speed Up Airport Security

No one likes the tedious necessity of being chased away by airport security while traveling. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to speed up your own straight line to the departure lounge and make it easier for the security personnel who help keep you safe. Here are the best ways to speed up airport security.

Major Ways to Speed Up Airport Security

Keep your boarding pass and passport in an accessible place.

Has anyone ever been behind someone frantically trying to find their paper? Not that man.If you keep these things in an easily accessible place, you can reduce your stress and your frustration with everyone else. Some smart backpack have specific compartments for this purpose.Make sure everything is safe, but just unzip it.

Store away all your pocket items before getting to the front of the line.

As we all know, you need to take your wallet, phone, keys and other items out of your wallet before you can go through the scanner.So don't wait until the last minute.Put them in a backpack or briefcase as early as possible, or slide them into a jacket with multiple pockets.The tsa friendly backpack line is specifically designed for this purpose.Simply slide down your hoodie and run it through the X-ray to walk without the scanner's beeping sound.

Make Your laptop smart.

You always need to take your laptop and tablet out of the scanner.The same rules as above apply here - place it in an easy to find location and put it on the tray as soon as it comes online.If you need an easy-to-use anti-theft backpack with a special padded laptop compartment, this could be your next travel buddy.

Major Ways to Speed Up Airport Security

Wear Easy on, Easy off shoes

In the United States, when you pass a security check, you need to take off your shoes.Tying up shoelaces or cumbersome boots can slow you down considerably.Switch to sneakers to make the whole process as comfortable as possible.If you're traveling and need to look good, look for leather loafers that you can slip on and off, but still look good.

Pick the right line.

Families are usually slow to negotiate customs, so avoid falling behind if you can.People who seem disorganized can also block effective progress.Typically, some lines look longer, but they move faster because they use multiple scanners.So look ahead and try to determine the quickest route.It might actually be fun.

Fill in the form as early as possible

Make sure you have a pen with you so you can make it from the comfort of your seat on the plane or drink coffee before you go through customs.A little preparation can make things so easy.

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