MATEIN Giving Back to the Community Program

Since its establishment in 2014, MATEIN has developed steadily and rapidly. It all depends on many friends who support MATEIN brand. MATEIN has been committed to creating high-quality products that can last a lifetime, and want to give back to the society. Everyone can understand MATEIN in another way. We want to be a company that can inspire people to go out and explore a better world. MATEIN hopes to help school groups or sports groups in need. Please contact us if you need our support.

         ------------------------What we do in 2024?------------------------

In April 2024, MATEIN donated 30 units backpacks to Corpus Christi Football Club


------------------------What we do in 2023?------------------------

In Jan 2023, MATEIN donated 28 units backpacks to Corpus Christi Football Club

Corpus Christi Football Club 


------------------------What we do in 2021?------------------------

In Jan, MATEIN donated 50 backpacks to Audubon Volleyball Association for the 2021 club season

 Audubon Volleyball Association

In May 2021, MATEIN donated 30 units backpacks to Cypress Running Club


matein cypress running club

In June 2021, MATEIN donated 50 units backpacks to Howard's Heart


matein howards heart

To be continued...

Contact us if you have any problem.

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