Practical Backpack Packing Steps

In the actual operation of the bag, there are also a lot of small details worth attention: before the bag must relax the external belt and contraction belt on the backpack, so as to fully display the space inside the smart backpack.

Practical Backpack Packing Steps

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Step 1

Place large sleeping bags, pillowcases, sleeping MATS, etc., but place the last items you need on your day's trip at the bottom of the pack. The tent pole should be placed vertically inside the backpack after it has been secured with straps.

Step 2

Place clothes, shoes and other items on the sleeping bag and keep the part in contact with the back on a flat, tight surface.

Step 3

Put them into the remaining air inside the cell in turn. The heaviest equipment should be placed, such as cooking utensils, oil stove, oil tank, pot, dry food and other items. Remember to avoid sticking your back to hard objects, which can easily push against your back and become uncomfortable.

Step 4

Mobile phones, GPS, snacks and other frequently needed items can be placed in the special divider on the top of the backpack or in the belt.In the upper pocket.

Step 5

If there is a special place for water bag, place the water bag well. If the backpack has a side bag, place the kettle or other equipment, such as trekking staff, crampons and other tools, or place it on the external hook of the backpack.

Step 6

When the backpack is packed and full of items - the contraction band should be tightened to strengthen the items in the bag. In addition to the special shape of the backpack, the cell should be placed on the ground.

Step 7

Men's and women's backpack in the pack have a little difference, because the upper torso of boys and girls of the upper part of the body is shorter but legs longer, higher loading when the weight of the boys, because boy's location close to the chest, name is lower, the center of gravity of the side position close to the abdomen, heavy items against back as far as possible, make weight above the waist.

Practical Backpack Packing Steps

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