Practical Knowledge of Outdoor Survival

Metropolitan people walk out of the concrete forest, break through the box space, and adjust the stylized life and modular mood in the wild with affinity with nature. However, leaving the electrified and computerized modern life, prepare maps, compasses, kettles, food... Walk into the two or three-hour "mini" itinerary to experience the excitement of adventure and the fun of survival in the wild. Little knowledge of survival in the wild is necessary.

Practical Knowledge of Outdoor Survival

What you need: A pair of outdoor shoes suitable for your feet. In outdoor activities, the protection of your feet is the most important. A backpacks with lots of pockets to pack your equipments.

Tip 1: Use newspaper to ignite the fire, not easy to ignite the wood, you should prepare the wood chips soaked in lighter oil in advance to ignite the flame. When starting a stove with stones, the stove mouth should face the air vent, and the remaining three sides should be surrounded by stones. The better the air circulation, the more the flame will be. It must be noted that you must never use fire in places where fire is prohibited. Be very careful when putting out the fire. Put out the burning fire with water and make sure that the fire is completely extinguished. Then carefully sweep the ash residue, and then cover it with soil to restore it to its original state. This is the most basic moral code for a picnic.

Tip 2: Choose shoes for walking in nature. When walking on uneven roads, the comfort of shoes is related to the degree of foot fatigue. Walking shoes are light, soft and very mechanical. The following points should be paid attention to when buying: the strength of the toes and heels should be moderate, and there should be non-slip stripes; when trying on, the toes should be able to move freely.

Practical Knowledge of Outdoor Survival

Tip 3: Tripping over a stone or being injured by a tree branch is commonplace, but if it hits a vital part, it may become an emergency. If there is only a slight bruise on the hands and feet, you can apply cold water and lift the affected part higher than the heart. This emergency treatment is sufficient. Vomiting after a heavy head hit is dangerous and must be sent to the hospital as soon as possible.

Tip 4: When cooking burns after burning clothes, apply cold compress with water. If there is tap water, wash the affected area slowly with water for ten minutes. If the ignited clothes are attached to the skin, apply a cold compress with water first. The clothes must not be torn off. After the clothes are sufficiently cooled, please ask a doctor for treatment.

Tip 5: In nature, the incidence of injury and illness is high. You should always carry a first aid kit equipped with common medicines and first aids. For example, it is common for abdominal pain or diarrhea to occur. At this time, it is best not to eat anything, and to keep your body warm temporarily. Lie down and rest your abdomen. Drink plenty of water to replenish water when you have diarrhea.





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