The basic three-dimensional structure of luggage

The three-dimensional structure of the luggage and large travel backpack are the basis for drawing the renderings of the luggage. The shape of the luggage is based on geometric figures, including rectangle, circle, ellipse, triangle, and trapezoid; there are large and small, and there are symmetrical and asymmetrical. The three-dimensional structures formed are mostly cubes, cylinders, etc. However, there are also simple structural models composed of two front and rear panels, and irregular structures in which multiple three-dimensional structures are superimposed and combined.

Therefore, when drawing, the drawing is still based on geometric figures. Designers should gradually accumulate experience in the process of design, master the structural rules, and use them in creative design handily.

In the drawing process, because the hot topic bag modeling is mostly three-dimensional geometric figures, there are changes in three-dimensional dimensions. Therefore, when drawing design renderings, we must pay attention to the perspective and balance of the structure. When drawing, the best performance angle of the rendering is the 3/4 angle of the front side, so that it can not only show the front shape and structure of the designed style, but also the side effect and structure, which can more comprehensively reflect the drawing object Design Features. As shown in Figure 7-1.

When drawing the effect diagram, first draw an accurate perspective line, find out the perspective relationship and appearance characteristics of the designed bag, and then draw an accurate three-dimensional perspective frame, as shown in Figure 7-2. 17 laptop backpack is also fine. Then, draw various parts in the corresponding position of the frame, such as pockets, handles, folds, stitching shapes and perspectives, etc., and finally draw various accessories, such as zippers, metal buckles, hooks, and some decorations. Modeling effects, such as stitches, etc. As shown in Figure 7-3 and Figure 7-4.

The basic three-dimensional structure of luggage

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