The Basis for the Size of Briefcase

Briefcase are designed in different styles depending on the purpose for which they are used. 

  • For example, a simple briefcase is small in size, with one or two cavities, which can hold a small amount of office supplies and personal supplies. According to the size of books, documents and papers, the length, width and height of the briefcase are usually within 300mm.70mm and 200mm respectively. 
  • Business briefcase, with moderate individual and many internal divisions, can contain daily office supplies and portable documents. Its length, width and height are usually around 350mm, 120mm and 250mm.
  • Then there is the travel briefcase, not only the individual is larger and the internal structure is more complex, and even some bags at the bottom also set wheels for the convenience of pushing and pulling, its size is much larger, even to refer to the size of the smart travel bag.

the basic for the size of brifecase

As a result, the individual has a series of designs that, in addition to aesthetic considerations, relate to the normal weight of the body.

In the briefcase, there is a weight-bearing problem in different age groups, which allows the ratio of physical load to the weight per unit volume of a full riefcase, which is the maximum volume of such riefcase. Because men and women carry different weights, the maximum volume is also different.

Office briefcases for men and women should be calculated on the basis of light physical load, since such briefcases need to be carried on a daily basis, while travel briefcases should be calculated on the basis of medium physical load to meet the needs of travel, work and life.In the case of items, the portfolio should be able to easily put two rows of items in the bag, to maximize the volume of the bag, of course, that kind of simple portfolio can be more flexible.

the basic for the size of brifecase

In addition, in order to carry the briefcase with my clothing height and even the surroundings more harmonious and beautiful, the size of the briefcase should be in a certain proportion with the surrounding items and environment.

For example, when walking with a bag standing, the bottom of the bag from the ground should be more than 20cm, because in the stairway, the height of the general stair is 14-18cm, and the bottom of the bag and the first step should have a certain distance.If the briefcase or briefcase is placed on the floor, it should be in the range of 400-540mm in length and 320-360mm in height to be compatible with the desk and seat.In other words, it is related to the height and shape of the body, such as the width of the shoulders and the height from which the body points to the ground.

According to practical observation, when the height between the bottom edge of the bag and the ground is 320~ 380mm, the height of the briefcase is 250~ 290mm, which is the best matching size from the perspective of aesthetics and mechanics. If the height of the bag increases, the distance between the bottom of the bag and the ground becomes smaller, while the greater the distance between the bottom of the bag and the ground, the more effort it will take to lift the bag.Therefore, the proportion between the height of the person and the height of the bag is a factor that cannot be ignored.

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