The influence of external environment on luggage and bags

Due to the influence of natural conditions, physical and chemical changes occur constantly in the process of storage and transportation of suitcases and bags, such as smart travel bag. If these changes are minor, the quality of bags and bags will be reduced, and if serious, the products may be mouldy and deteriorated. For example: the case of improper storage of products will cause fat shape depression, warping crack, make body change, leather color, mildew in the clip, lining degumming, causing serious quality accidents, affect the service life.

Appropriate storage methods must be determined according to the characteristics and objective conditions of the products.

The influence of external environment on luggage and bags

The sun

Strong sunlight shines on the leather products, the moisture and grease in the leather will be evaporated, if there is no certain moisture and grease in the leather will be brittle and fracture; The color cloth will fade and shrink under the sunlight. Contrary, when sunlight is weak, the humidity in air increases, leather absorbs person moisture because of overmuch, make the product becomes mildewy and out of shape easily. Therefore, reasonable and appropriate use of daylight, to ensure that product quality is beneficial.

The temperature

The temperature has a great influence on the finished product.Leather, for example, is chemically tanned, and improper storage can lead to changes in quality that shorten the life of the product. If the product is placed below 0 ° C, the moisture and oil in the leather will change its shape, making the leather surface become hard and brittle. After the temperature increases, the hard and brittle will disappear immediately, but the leather quality cannot recover the original compact state, which will shorten the service life of the product. Therefore, to adjust the temperature of the warehouse, the common method is ventilation. When the temperature of the warehouse rises, open the ventilation device and wide Windows to make the cold air flow into the warehouse, and appropriately reduce the temperature inside the warehouse.The temperature of the warehouse is generally 25 ℃ ~ 35 ℃.

The influence of external environment on luggage and bags

The humidity

When the relative humidity is high, the moisture in the air absorbed by the finished product increases, and when the relative humidity is low, the moisture in the finished product decreases. The moisture content in the finished product is too high, easy to cause microbial reproduction and mold, metal parts are easy to occur oxidation.When the relative humidity is too low, it will also affect the quality of products due to drying, for example, when the moisture in leather is too low, it will be brittle and break easily.Therefore, all kinds of finished products should be kept under stable relative humidity, which is generally about 50%. Shop suit garment bag

Sanitary conditions

Poor sanitary conditions will seriously affect the quality of products, such as dust, oil, garbage, harmful and toxic gases, which will not only contaminate the surface of finished products, but also cause the breeding of pests and microorganisms, resulting in the damage of products.Therefore, when storing products, the surrounding environment must be cleaned frequently. 

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