The Other Little Things In Cancun

Where was I? Ah yes, buses. Around the touristy area of Cancun, just use Bus 1 or 2. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what the difference between the two is. I know they both run the same route throughout the bars and beaches.

During the day, I’d say enjoy the tours. Chichen Itza is a popular one. It will be hot almost all the time. Make sure your backpack contains a hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and lots of water. Don’t forget a charger too, as you’ll spend lots of time outside and might want to take pictures on your 10% battery iPhone.

Matein Mllasic Backpack with charging port


For beaches, I would say they are fairly similar. Just go behind the hotels and wollah. At first, I knew the beach was behind the hotels, but wasn’t sure how to get there. Then, I just started walking through the hotel’s main entrance to the backside. Don’t think too much, and act like you belong.

Outside of Isla Mujeres, my take is that it doesn’t matter where you go for swimming or your Instagram picture. Just make sure to bring sandals and ideally have a water resistant backpack. You’ll never know when the wave hits.

By night, most people tend to go to bars and clubs. Depends on your age and interests, there are always places to go to. From a 10pm drink in an American-ish style bar, to a 3am club buzzing through the night. Other nights when you have been walking so much and just want to lay, just do that. Maybe get some taco from a nearby stand. And a Mexican Coke.

It is a foreign country, and I would always carry with me some essentials. My paperwork is one thing. Charger for my phone is another one. A card from the hotel you are staying, and maybe have someone translate “Hey, I’m lost. Please call this number,” just in the worst case. Remember to store them in the secret pocket of your backpack.

Overall, I think Cancun is pretty fun. You wise up the more you are here. And it is a touristy area, so you’ll find things and people you are familiar with. Don’t worry. It is a vacation after all.

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