The role of luggage pattern

Generally speaking, any decorative pattern has the effect of material beauty and spiritual beauty. It is the unity of practical function and aesthetic function. As a part of the overall pattern art, the luggage pattern such as best laptop backpack has its own specific decorative forms, craft materials, production methods and expression methods, and of course it should have its own special attributes.

From the perspective of the classification and performance of luggage patterns, luggage patterns are an art form that is combined and unified with craftsmanship. The decorative function of patterns is to form a beautification form of the appearance of objects by decorative designs or patterns. Adapt to and be bound by the accessories. It is necessary to make overall arrangements in the overall design, so that the decorative patterns and shapes are integrated and complement each other.

This is the subordinate performance of the luggage pattern design. The ultimate goal of decorative pattern design is to achieve a perfect combination of practicality and craftsmanship. Therefore, decorative patterns have specific characteristics of subordination, aesthetics, decoration and practicality.

(1) Modification and embellishment

The general function of the hot topic bags pattern are to modify and embellish the package body, so that the original monotonous shape changes in the level, pattern and color of the visual form, so that the luggage products have more personality and style. The decoration and embellishment of the decorative patterns on the surface of luggage products can render the artistic atmosphere of the luggage and enhance the aesthetic value of the luggage.

As shown in Figure 6-11, the white decorative pattern on the red bag body, with small animals, small flowers, heart-shaped and other warm and small patterns, makes the bag immediately become lively from simple and unpretentious, and the warm atmosphere highlights the right The love of life; the bag shown in Figure 6-12, the black body is relatively dull and dull, if there is no hanging decorations such as colored objects, human body shapes, music symbols, etc., the style of the whole bag is too monotonous and lacks youthful vitality. The modification of the pattern is obvious.

The role of luggage pattern

(2) Emphasize and eye-catching

Generally, general decorative patterns can play the role of strengthening, reminding, and guiding the line of sight, especially emphasizing certain characteristics, or deliberately highlighting the contrast of shapes, and decorating the patterns with exaggerated meaning. The significance of the application of luggage pattern is to enhance the artistic charm and spiritual connotation of luggage, which is specifically expressed through the aesthetic value of the visual image, or the indication of humanistic meaning. such as
Trademark patterns, logos, etc. have a good emphasis.

(3) Logo recognition

As shown in Figure 6-13 (a), the Japanese biscuit-shaped handbag is shaped like a biscuit, and the text on the fan is the identity of the biscuit; most of the people carrying this handbag are fans of the biscuit. As shown in Figure 6-13 (b)
Shopping bag pattern design, the pattern of the shopping bag is designed completely around the characteristics of the shopping place. Including the architectural shape and sales characteristics of the sales place, it can form obvious distinguishing characteristics. Therefore, the decorative patterns of the luggage play a very important role in shaping the style of the large travel luggage.

The role of luggage pattern

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