The Ultimate Guide to Choose a Laptop Backpack in 2022

We read most of the posts online that talked about how to choose a good backpack. But we have different opinions as a manufacturer.


We should list 3 different factors: customer needs, function & quality, and price.


Part 1, What Do You Need?



What is the largest size of the computer you work on? Or what size laptop do you use regularly? Maybe this is the first thing we need to consider.


Here is a trick, we can choose one size larger than the current laptop for your backpack. In this way, you can continue to use it even if you upgrade your

computer in the future. For example, my current computer is 15 inches, so that I can choose a 17-inch laptop backpack. Even if my computer is upgraded in the future, or a 17-inch computer needs to be placed temporarily. So you don't have to purchase a new laptop backpack for this.


But there is a new problem. If you buy an extra-large laptop backpack that does not precisely match your laptop, the laptop will swing inside. You can buy a laptop sleeve to fix it or NOT follow this guide.


Extra Capacity


We always enjoy a lot of extra storage in a computer backpack, but more is better?


More storage space increases the cost of design and manufacture, but consumers do not use the extra space most of the time. It is a total waste. Even if you fill them up every time you go, there's an additional problem with your backpack being overweight. So as manufacturers, we need to balance and compromise for these possible situations at the beginning of the design, taking into account practicality and user experience.


So when we choose the right laptop backpack, we only need to consider the commonly used storage. For example, is there a USB port for a power bank? Is there a good place to organize the computer's power cord, mouse, etc. And you need to make sure your laptop & accessories can be easily stored.


Work or Travel?


Travel Laptop Backpack


Suppose your computer backpack is almost used for work, and the primary way to go to the workplace is to drive or take the bus. So we recommend choosing a bag one size larger than the current one because it can carry enough daily necessities, and it is best to have anti-theft features.


If you also want to consider travel, it is recommended to use a computer backpack with a waterproof function, and the part where the computer is placed should have a reinforced structure, such as a thicker sponge. 


And it's a good idea to buy an extra computer sleeve to protect your laptop. Since our backpacks may be subject to more shocks than usual when we go through security at the airport, better protection is necessary. In addition, a backpack with a USB port is also necessary because it is possible to charge our mobile phones and other devices while on the road. 


Here is a ticket, you can also put your clothes in the computer backpack. The first is convenience, and the second is that soft clothes can cushion the computer when it encounters external forces to better protected your laptop.


BTW, If you would like to travel frequently by bicycle, waterproof performance is also a helpful feature.




Matein - Custom Laptop Backpack


A laptop backpack looks good or not is often one of the factors in our decision to purchase, especially for female buyers.


But we always believe that appearance is only part of the product. We should choose the product we like, not just because of its beautiful appearance. 


However, we should consider it in combination with its design, practicality, and quality. For example, we can not choose products with unreasonable design or poor quality because they look good.


So is there any way to buy products with both good quality and good-looking appearance? The answer is yes. For example, the Matein brand provides customized services, and we can customize according to buyer preferences and even design drafts. It supports bulk customization and order placement. You can visit our customized service page to learn more if interested.


Part 2, Function & Quality


Protector Your Laptop


Matein Backpack Protect Your Laptop


We buy computer backpacks mainly to protect our computers during use, which is the most critical function. So as ordinary consumers, how can we judge that a computer backpack can better protect my computer?


Firstly, practical design. For example, is it convenient for us to put in and take out our laptops or not? It is the most straightforward measure for judging whether a design is good or bad. It is not a good design if a laptop backpack makes us trouble to use.


Secondly, the degree of support for the computer on both sides of the computer backpack is whether the thickness of the filled sponge is sufficient and whether it can protect the laptop. Some computer backpacks have very thin padding, and some even claim to use high-tech materials. In our opinion, raw material quality is essentially next to design. No matter how good the design is, it is impossible to make a good product without suitable material.


Again, is there a fix for the laptop inside the computer backpack? A typical example is a strap with velcro. So how is the quality of this strap? Is the strength enough? Whether the velcro will fail after repeated use is explicit content, but it does affect the laptop's safety.




Is the laptop backpack comfortable? It is often unknown to many buyers, especially those who like to buy products on online platforms such as Amazon.


A practical tip is that we can choose detail type and place the order online, but we should go to a local store such as Walmart to experience the comfort of our style first. At the same time, we can also be observed whether its material is of high quality and whether the design is reasonable.


For example, some laptop backpacks have poor ventilation, and they are prone to sweating if used for a little longer in summer. Then you can take the time to experience and discover their shortcomings in local stores. It makes sense to choose the right laptop backpack for you.




Material is one of the critical factors determining a computer backpack's quality. 


The common materials on the market are nylon, non-woven fabrics, and leather.


The above materials have their advantages and disadvantages. The first two are synthetic fibers, which are also widely used materials, and there is no problem with safety. But in terms of comfort, they each have their pros and cons.


Let's go back to computer backpacks. Nylon is the most widely used material. Factors that affect quality include.

  • The quality of nylon fibers, 
  • The density and process of fabric weaving, 
  • The after-process after fabric weaving, 
  • The cutting process of fabric materials, 
  • The quality control during the sewing process.


Because these are related to the production process, we will not extend here, for it is a complex understanding.


For consumers, it is difficult for us to identify the quality of the material with the naked eye. But some of the cheap and low-quality products often with unpleasant odors in the fabric. It is difficult to remove even after washing or ventilation, and we do not recommend buying this product.


On the contrary, we recommend buying products from brands seller, because their raw materials have strict control processes. Let's take Matein as an example. All our raw materials are silk threads imported from the United States or Europe. The yarn is spun on a CNC loom, dyed, and post-treated with eco-friendly dyes. Finally, consumers will see the finished product after cutting, sewing, and other processes. Every step is checked by relevant quality personnel to ensure that everything is ok.




As we mentioned before, many details in the production process need to be controlled. 


For example, is the excess thread on the product cleaned up? Is there any dirt on the surface of the product? Or is the wiring of the product sewing machine strong? Is there even an odor.


We believe that if a factory can not do the best in the production process, the supplier does not pay enough attention to quality. Of course, the general industry will have a 'pass rate' to measure the performance of the production department.


For example, out of 100 products, 99 passed and 1 failed, and then the defect rate is 1%. We can also understand that there may be a small number of substandard products in mass production, but this means that consumers who buy these defective product will suffer losses. So even as a manufacturer, we promise to have a corresponding warranty and return policy.




Matein Certifications


As a qualified manufacturer, we must have corresponding qualifications and certificates. Industry certificates include ISO9001, BSCI, CE, RHOS, AZO-FREE, etc.


Third-party test organizations generally issue these certificates after comprehensive evaluation and testing of factories and products and finally issue corresponding certificates, which are authoritative.


Therefore, for buyers who buy in bulk, it is recommended that you need to check the certificates carefully to make sure the merchant is a qualified. 


It is not only related to the legality of the sale of your products after they reach their destination, but even some countries may require relevant qualifications to be checked during customs clearance.




You need to confirm a corresponding warranty policy for ordinary consumers when purchasing the product. Once there is a problem with your product, you can find a retailer to deal with it.


The general warranty policy, for example, can be replaced within one year in case of natural damage. Even if you buy online, you can get a refund if you are not satisfied. The specific policies of local or online merchants shall be applied.


The general factory will implement the quality assurance commitment for mass customization customers within a certain time. For example, if defective products are found in the customer's warehouse, the manufacturer will return the defective products for free or carry out quality assurance within a few days of receiving the goods. It is the most basic rule to ensure that the products you buy have quality commitments to avoid unnecessary money losses when your products are damaged.


Waterproof & Anti-theft & USB Charging


If you like outdoor activities, we recommend choosing a waterproof laptop backpack. Because the notebook computer is an electronic product, if it enters the water, it will cause irreversible damage.


The anti-theft function is a lock on the outside. For example, it is very good to prevent thieves from stealing your property on the bus and reduce unnecessary losses, especially if you like to keep your wallet in your computer backpack.


USB charging is a built-in USB charging cable (male port), with a USB female port. The male port is connected to the power bank, and the female port is connected to your iPhone, iPad, and other devices through the charging cable. Its biggest advantage is that you don't need to hold a power bank, which is more convenient. We recommend this feature if you rely heavily on electronics or frequently participate in outdoor campaigns.


Part 3, Price


Matein Price


Computer backpacks, are the cheaper, the better?


As manufacturers, we know that cheap means we have to keep costs down. Compression costs are raw materials using lower grades. For example, nylon fabrics may have flaws, or the tensile strength, abrasion resistance and other data are much poorer.


Then the related accessories are of lower quality. The working hours of workers are minimized, and unimportant areas are ignored so that the labour costs can be down. There are many, many more similar ways.



But as consumers or buyers in bulk, you complain when you buy something like this. It is too difficult for factories to make high-quality products with limited costs, which is impossible.


It is the truth that you get what you pay for.


We have a theory. You choose a slightly more expensive product that can last 5 years or longer. On the contrary, you bought a cheap product, and it broke after only 1 or 2 years. Evenly apportioned to the annual cost of use, it can be seen that the cost performance of cheap products is not high.


Part 4, Protect Your Laptop Backpack


If you have already selected your favorite notebook backpack, congratulations!


But our daily use is just as important because it can determine the lifespan of a computer backpack. Therefore, keeping good habits also profits your backpack.


Protect Your Computer with an Extra Laptop Sleeve


While a laptop backpack can already provide enough protection for a laptop, it can increase your secure scores to 90 or even 95 if you add an extra laptop sleeve. We've also mentioned that it's undeniably better if you like outdoor activities.


In addition, if you are willing to put some carry-on clothes in the backpack, it can also provide enough cushioning for the laptop.


Clean Your Computer Bag Frequently and Remove Unnecessary Items


For computer backpacks that we use daily, we always leave a lot of stuff because we worry about forgetting to take it. So the computer backpack is full of things over time, so we should regularly check and remove unnecessary items and keep the backpack in a reasonable weight range. It will benefit the life of your computer backpack.


We often put various items into the laptop backpack and even occasionally put some food. So every few months or a year, we can thoroughly clean the computer backpack with water and put it in the sun to dry naturally before using it again. We recommend hand washing with a neutral detergent instead of the washing machine.


Protects the Damage to the Backpack


It is easy to understand. We should avoid computer backpacks being damaged by sharp objects. Because once a place is damaged or torn, the force of the computer backpack will be uneven. If it is not repaired in time, it will soon cause large-scale damage until unusable.


Therefore, we do not recommend keeping sharp objects in the computer backpack, such as folding knives. If you want to, use an extra plastic case for these knives, and it will be much safer. 


At the same time, keep these items away from children to avoid injury.


Avoid Placing Nnacks in the Computer Bag for a Long Time


If you keep snacks such as biscuits on your computer backpack for a long time, it is easy to attract mice or other insects to "patronize" your computer backpack. Not only will they steal the treats inside, but they can damage your pack or leave excrement in it, which is really disgusting.


Keep the Computer Backpack Away from Rain & Fire


Computer Backpack Away from Rain & Fire


Although we have mentioned before, computer backpacks have waterproof ability, they are generally only used for daily waterproofing. Long-term exposure to rainwater will slowly seep into the backpack through the waterproof layer, possibly damaging your laptop.


In addition, we also need to keep the computer backpack away from fire or high-temperature environment. Because the material of the computer backpack is generally nylon or leather, it is very easy to cause burning and cause damage to your property. In severe cases, it may cause a fire and endanger your life.


Organized Your Laptop Backpack


Items in the computer backpack should be regularly organized, such as laptop power cords. Reasonable arrangement and placement can make the computer backpack reach the designed weight ratio and maximize the life of the computer backpack.


However, the items in your backpack are organized, and you look refreshed, keeping you in a good mood and working more efficiently.


That's all of the posts. Thank you for reading.


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