Tips for choosing different sports bags

1. Kettle pocket
Kettle pockets are usually wide, have good air permeability, are easy to take and drink, and are suitable for long-distance runners or travelers who need to bring their own drinking water. Since water is heavier, balance and stability during exercise or travel must be considered. Therefore, if the water bottle waist bag is not well designed, it will greatly affect the state of exercise or travel, so choose carefully.

Selection skills: The kettle is divided into single kettle, double kettle and multiple kettles, depending on individual needs. In addition to the water bottle, there is a kind of water bag, which has the advantages of easy storage, large capacity, and low price; the disadvantage is that it can only be put in the waist bag of the belt, which is inconvenient to take.

Tips for choosing different sports bags


2. Arm bag

The arm bag is small, easy to wear, and can be directly controlled during exercise. It's hot topic bag for many people to choose. The straps are generally in the form of widened Velcro, which is very comfortable and suitable for people who like to run and travel and carry more items.

Selection skills: There are two common arm bags, "pocket type" and "touch window type". The former can classify stuffs and the latter is convenient for controlling the mobile phone while running. How to choose depends on personal needs. It should be noted that the design of the opening and the armband should not allow sweat to penetrate into the bag, and the air permeability should be good.

3. Waist bag
The waist bag has a large capacity and is expandable. It is usually fixed in the lower abdomen after a circle around the waist. It has good stability during running. It is suitable for people who need to carry large-screen mobile phones, other equipment, or who are not satisfied with other travel bags.

Selection skills: In the wild hiking, it is very important to have a suitable waist bag. There are many kinds of waist bags, and large waist bags usually have a capacity of more than 10 liters, which is more suitable for long-term outdoor activities. The medium-sized waist bag is more functional and can be used to carry large items such as cameras and water bottles, and is more suitable for use when participating in short-term or medium-term outdoor activities. Small waist bag can be used for daily use or running, you can choose according to actual needs.


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4. Backpack
The large travel backpack has large capacity and strong functionality. It is suitable for running, climbing, cycling and other outdoor activities, and can also be used as a travel spare bag. It is also suitable for people who often participate in endurance races and need to carry other equipment and food.

Selection skills: Backpacks are relatively common travel bags, it is recommended to choose a belt or shoulder strap fixed, which will increase comfort and stability. If it is not a long time outdoor, priority is given to lightweight and comfortable, 10 liters of capacity is enough. Although the functionality will be reduced, the price will also be reduced. For professional training or long-distance travel, a larger capacity of 25 to 30 liters is more suitable.

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