Tips for choosing travel bags

Travel bags are the best travel backpack that carry tourist stuff. Buying a travel bag not only depends on the carrying system, but also the capacity, travel time, brand, etc., and pay attention to the color and material. Let's take a look together next!

Tips for choosing travel bags

1. Look at the capacity

There are many capacities for outdoor travel backpacks, the common ones are 25L, 30L, 35L, 40L, 45L, 50L, 55L, 60L, 65L, 70L, 80L, 90L, 100L and so on. The size of the travel backpacks for people of different heights and body types is different. A travel backpack with a suitable size will feel relaxed and comfortable when people carry it on the body. Generally, men's travel backpacks can choose a larger capacity, and women can be about 10L less than men. If you don’t know how to choose the right size, you can ask the travel backpack sales staff and they can recommend a professional and suitable size.

2. Look at travel time

The choice of a travel backpack should consider the number of travel days, the number of uses, the type of outdoor activities or the type of area to be explored. The travel backpack is developed according to different scenarios and different functions. Small and medium travel backpacks can only be used for short-term travel. Therefore, according to different itineraries, choose different backpacks. Walking around the world with one backpack is irrational.

3. Look at the tourism environment

Small backpacks can generally carry stuffs under 30 liters, and are suitable for general hiking in the countryside. The multi-purpose backpack can carry 30-55 liters of stuffs and is mostly used for rock climbing, river tracing, suburban mountains or weekend camping accommodation. The large backpack can carry 55-80 liters of stuffs and can be used to go to mid-level mountains or high mountains. The large expedition backpack can carry more than 80 liters of stuffs, which is suitable for long-term mountain walks or overseas exploration.

Tips for choosing travel bags

4. Look at the carrying system

Outdoor backpacks are mainly divided into ordinary backpacks, inner-frame backpacks, and outer-frame backpacks. Ordinary backpacks are suitable for short trips with few items and light weight. The inner frame backpack has a structural support system inside the backpack to evenly distribute the weight on the shoulders and hips. The principle of the outer frame type and the inner frame type is the same, but the support frame is outside. Both types of large travel backpacks can carry more things.

5. Look at the brand

The product quality of the big brands is guaranteed, the after-sales service is better, and the price positioning is reasonable. The choice of brand grade is not only consumer positioning, but also quality positioning. High-end products will be better in terms of function and comfort. Of course, the grade of the travel backpack is also related to the intensity of exercise and the frequency of use. Consumers can choose suitable well-known brand products according to their actual needs.

6. Pay attention to the color

If you want to travel to the places which wild animals live in this place, it is recommended to choose a travel backpack with a darker color, such as black, gray, dark blue, and so on. If it is a normal trip, choose a travel backpack with bright colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue, orange, etc. It is not recommended to choose white travel backpacks. On the one hand, it is easy to dirt, on the other hand, it is too bright.

7. Pay attention to the material

The canvas backpack is more durable, but it is easy to get damp, and it is not easy to dry when wet. And the backpack itself is relatively heavy and only suitable for short trips. Nylon fabrics and polyester fabrics are lighter, not easy to absorb moisture and mold, and dry quickly, suitable for long-distance travel.

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